Thursday, January 5, 2017

Strand Family Photos

I keep forgetting to share with you the photos my best friend Andrea took of us this year as a gift to us. She's so great and I know she'll deny it, but I rely on her to take pictures because she is FAR better than I am. She did such a great job taking pictures of Olivia this year at cheerleading, so much better than I would have done. Honestly, if my camera was better (or, let's be honest, I knew how to work my camera) I think I could crank out some cute ones but alas, I just am not there.

Not only did Andrea volunteer to take our family picture (we haven't gotten any pictures, even candids, with all of us yet), but she bought the kids matching outfits.

I'm serious. She thinks of everything.

I was able to find a red sweater (sadly, almost nothing I own fits me right now) for $9 on Thanksgiving night and Matt wore a sweater he wore to a wedding like 14 years ago (I'm not kidding) but it turned out great anyways.

Clearly, my favorite. Not only are the kids in their "fancy clothes" (these outfits came from my mother in law who found some sales), but we have everyone looking, Matt doesn't look drunk, Lucy is as chunky and bald as ever, and Jackson is wearing a bow tie. (Note: I have been trying to get him to wear a bow tie for YEARS and this year he said he would do it but only because he really loved me.)
Can we just appreciate that Jackson's love does not extend to tucking his shirt in and wearing something other than sneakers? I mean, just socks would have been OK but no, we wear sneakers.
Just my babies, with poor Jackson trying so hard to not drop Lucy, who was probably pushing 15 pounds here. Things were starting to go downhill for Penelope so you can see Andrea brought out the first bribery toy, the dog.
You can't see it, but bribery toy #2 is just out of range, but it's a singing pig. But Lucy isn't looking, otherwise this would be my favorite picture because this is what I picture when I think of the four of them together. But these are the outfits Andrea picked out and she did such a good job coordinating them! And getting sizes right the first time!
Can we all just collectively "aww" over sweet Lucy and her chunk? She is seriously the roundest baby and I nibble her SO much over the course of the day. She's going to think nibbling is a sign of affection, I just know it. But she has a dimple on her left cheek and I hope it stays forever because it's so cute.
Not to be outdone, Penelope gave us the face I see more times than I want to admit in the course of a day. She is such an emotional toddler, I really don't remember Olivia and Jackson being this way but I'm sure I've just repressed it all. I refuse to believe Penelope is more beastly than any other toddler. It was my grandpa that said 1 in 4 are serial killers, this might be the one in my group. Bare minimum, Matt and I hope she moves out someday and doesn't choose to live in the basement and is able to get a job. HA!

I'll write more about this next week most likely, but little did we know that while doing our family photos, Andrea was on a secret, covert mission and was measuring things and we were none the wiser. Sneaky, sneaky.


Julie H said...

awww you guys look so cute!

The Flynnigans said...

First, you guys all look great. Beautiful photos your friend captured for you. You look great Sara, not even kidding you.
Second, the bow tie on Jackson is way too handsome. Glad he appeased you, mom, and wore it. LOVING the girls freak out/crying faces. Lol Such poor things!
I laughed so hard at your Penelope comment and that she just might be your serial killer babe. Hahaha!!

Much love sweetie xo