Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Financial Peace University: Week Two- Relating with Money

I know I'm behind on this by a week, but we have been doing the homework and getting into the class, so I have good reason. If you remember from week one, our homework was to tally up all of our non-mortgage debts, which was.. I can't lie, was daunting. And that number has only gone up because since we did that, we've gotten new medical bills in the mail. So that's depressing. 

But this week centered around men and women and how we each relate to money differently. We all know that financial issues can cause stress in any relationship and in some cases, can end a relationship. It needs to be an absolute priority to be on the same page with your partner when it comes to money and the first way to do that is to figure out if you are a nerd or a free spirit. The nerd likes doing a budget, feels a need to be fiscally responsible where the free spirit looks at a budget as a way to be controlled. Not surprisingly, I'm the nerd and Matt is the free spirit.

I don't know if I'll always be able to share the videos from our classes because they are actually pretty tough to find. But when I can, I will. 

I have SO many friends who are in the same boat Matt and I are in, one wants to get on a budget and be debt free, and one has impulse buying issues. And sometimes we flip flop those roles, depending on what's going on! But through this class I'm starting to think that anyone that doesn't want to go through this process is in serious denial of their financial future. 

Our homework this week was to identify our accountability partner, which is our spouse. (If you're single, you're expected to find a friend who will sit down and help you be on track with your budget.) We prepared a Quick Start Budget and we were supposed to call our firs Budget Meeting and talk about the strengths and weaknesses we each bring to the table. We also had to register for the online tools, which we did, but we haven't used any of them yet. I'm assuming we'll be using those soon. 

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Ruth said...

I am the nerd and Lon is the free spirit. He does not even like to talk about money at all. He has an ebay problem.