Thursday, February 16, 2017

Penelope and Lucy - a tale of opposites

I haven't given you a proper update on Penelope and Lucy in awhile, so it's about time I do that. These girls couldn't be more different from each other, but they make every day exciting, that's for sure.
It's hard to believe that Penelope is going to be two at the end of April already. She is a mini tornado and I keep telling Matt this is probably a glimpse into her college years. I certainly hope not because she often runs around topless. Or pantsless.
I signed her up for a toddler class and we went to a bunch of the classes. She is one of the youngest in the class so it's been interesting to see how she interacts with the other kids.
She's mostly really shy but she hands the babies (some parents bring their babies along with their toddlers) toys and of course, she's interested in the classroom turtle.

We are very gently introducing potty training with her. She can recognize when she has "booped" so it's time. Well, that and she has now taken a liking to taking her diaper off at night. We had several mornings of me walking into her room only to be greeted by a stark naked toddler and pee ALL OVER her bed. Truly, it's a disgusting thing to deal with in the morning. Then it's a race to get the bedding all washed before nap time, which is like an Olympic effort on the best of days. So I took to Facebook to ask for ideas. The most commented? Duct tape.
We told Penelope we were putting a fashion belt on her. She wasn't so sure.
But she's a sport.

It actually worked, too. She can't get the tape off and in the morning she might have her pajamas off but her diaper is still on. Which is glorious.

Except sometimes I forget to put the tape on her at nap time and one day it was an emergency. I heard Penelope wake up from a nap, and then start screaming. I race up the stairs faster than ever only to find the source of the screaming....
...nobody messes with her beloved Kitty Kitty. ESPECIALLY a bunch of poop balls.
Then I look in and there's Penelope, crying and showing me her poop balls (that she put there, obviously) but I had to rescue Kitty Kitty.
Oh, and she loves powdered donuts. Look at that powdered donut grin.

Penelope has also started talking and has the cutest little voice. My mom and I have decided she's like a real life Sour Patch Kid- first she's sour, then she's sweet.

Lucy, on the other hand, is always sweet. Lucy is the sweetest, chunkiest little thing and you can't help but love her to bits.
No kidding, this is how she looks at me all of the time. It's like she knows more than we think she does. She's always watching and looking for me.
Officially six months old now, she loves her jumper and anything that lights up, music, and loud things.
She rolls over and is SO close to sitting on her own. The problem is so she's so damn chunky that she kind of just topples over.
Penelope is an excellent big sister and she's always very concerned about Lucy. She will bring me the pacifier, pick out toys, she'll tell me exactly when and where to put her down.
It's going to be fun to see them playing together in just a few months. I can only imagine the shenanigans they'll get into.
So yes, Lucy is a love bug. She can blow raspberries and she absolutely loves kisses and hugs. She will try to grab your face and pull you in so she can kiss and/or slobber you.
She sleeps mostly through the night, she's tried a few foods and is just learning how to deal with those. She loves sucking on her toes and sitting up like a big girl.
She looks so much like her daddy, it's weird. She's officially in 12 month clothing and she has her six month check up on Friday so we'll see how much she weighs then - I'm curious. Oh! And I can always get her to fall asleep in my arms if I sing "Itsy Bitsy Spider" to her. I don't know why I love that, but I do. She's still sleeping in a bassinet in our room only because she sometimes gets up in the night, AND she goes to bed later than the other kids so I don't want her waking up Penelope. (Who is an absolute bear if she doesn't get enough sleep.) But soon. Soon she'll be going to the big girl crib.


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