Friday, April 28, 2017

Jackson is 9. Watch out, ladies.

The trouble with short term memory loss is that everything sneaks up on you. Not just in a regular aging way, but everything feels like it shouldn't be happening, yet here it is. It's happening, you're never ready, and you are always dealing with things at the last minute.

Like it's the end of April, Penelope turns two tomorrow, but I'm telling you about Jackson turning 9 earlier this month. If he hadn't reminded me I am absolutely certain I would have forgotten all about it and it would have been one more thing for a future counselor appointment where I will undoubtedly hear all the ways in which I have been a terrible mother. I just hope they remember that I tried. I am trying every day to be the same mom I was and even though most days I'm failing, I hope there are glimmers of what once was in there.
On his actual birthday he announced he was going to wear the birthday boy ribbon to school. I had managed to get to the store the night before, in my pajamas, and purchase an abundance of classroom birthday treats. One of his best friends has a wheat allergy so I even made sure to ask her mother what that actually means because Jackson was insistent that she be able to have the snack. So I bought a bunch of ice cream bars because I figure ice cream doesn't have wheat, we should be good. It turns out it was a hit.
I even managed to surprise him at school for lunch. I wore clean clothes and made my hair less of a mess and brought him a Happy Meal. I had heard him telling Olivia the day before how it would be "so cool" if I had lunch with him. So I did. He was pretty surprised to see me.
As tradition, the birthday kid gets to pick what we have for dinner and he chose meatball subs. So my mom pulled through and made a bunch of meatballs and that's what we did.
He wants it mentioned that he is officially 4'1 and that he grew over the last year.
He got some great gifts. I wish I had taken a picture of his "wish list" because it was hysterical. He had things like "12 can pack of silly string", "bulletin board, size 8x12", and other really specific items. While he didn't get those things, he did get his request of "Nike clothes" since mom and I got him some new t-shirts and shorts for summer.
He got the Fire Helicopter Lego set he wanted.
Oh, and I found two sweatshirts (one he has to grow into a bit) but they were only $7 each in the clearance at JC Penney! $7 for a Nike sweatshirt? Yes. This black and neon green one he wears almost every day and I have to remind him it smells so sometimes he needs to let me wash it.
He also got a couple of new books and another Lego set he really wanted. He said he had a great birthday, I hope he did. Oh! And this year instead of traditional cake, he asked for cheesecake. Which... whatever. I'm OK with that because it was a lot cheaper than the ice cream cake he originally asked for, so that was fine.

It's just weird to think this is his last year of single digits. He's going to be a fourth grader next year and it seems like this is the kid that is aging faster than possible. I know Olivia is getting older and that's slipping from me too, but Jackson... I've always felt like he was the one that needed the most love. He's so sensitive and sweet, he takes everything to heart, and he's the one that I worry about. I just hope he knows he's loved and we would all be lost without his quirky personality and his sweet soul. I tell him on the regular he's my favorite boy because it's true.


Unknown said...

I can't believe how big he is! So much has changed! I haven't been on the blogs in a while, but over the last couple of weeks I've been catching up! So glad to see you're still blogging! :)

Julie H said...

They get big so fast!