Monday, June 12, 2017

Summer has begun, but when does the relaxation start?!

You guys, I've been waiting for summer since September. For real. I've felt so cooped up in the house the entire winter and spring because by the time I felt well enough to be mobile and doing things, it was so damn cold outside and you know I strongly dislike snow and having to wear winter gear.

That and, as it turns out, being on steroid medication it makes you gain a LOT of weight that you just can't lose so all of the winter gear I finally own?


*cue hilarious, ironic laughter*


So it's been relatively decent out this last week so I've been able to get outside with the littles and my mom still comes every day to help me, which to be honest has been the best thing ever because there isn't a chance in this lifetime I would have made it without her. I try hard to get out for a little bit everyday before lunch, and this week the goal is going to be to get out for a walk right after breakfast and then yard play. But last week, yard play.
It turns out that Lucy absolutely loves to swing. This kid loves it. She doesn't love to wear a hat, but her skin is so fair, and she has pretty thin hair still so she burns easily on her head so the poor girl really needs to wear it. But if she swings, she wears it. Is there anything cuter than a smiley baby in a swing?
Perhaps an eager to swing on her own toddler who wants to swing like a big kid but also is plagued by motion sickness? She also loved to swing as an infant but now if you swing her you can tell sometimes it just does not agree with her and she'll loudly tell you, "down!!" and you better get the girl off. She'll stumble a bit and then take off doing something else. But she doesn't want to be in a baby swing, she wants to be a big kid. Speaking of being a big kid, she thinks she's a legit big kid and climbs with absolutely no fear at all and is going to give me a heart attack. I have survived motherhood with no childhood injuries so far but this will be the kid to rid me of that record, I just know it.
Speaking of big kids, these two... Jackson is officially a fourth grader and is so excited. He's a little nervous to be at the elementary school all by himself, which seems weird to me because he knows the place like the back of his hand but I suppose, Olivia has been with him for everything. But next year Olivia is going to be at the middle school as an official sixth grader. She's so excited because this is a big deal, we've been talking this up for years. I'm not going to lie, I'm actually pretty nervous about this transition. Had you asked me last year I would have told you this would be absolutely no big deal, she'd be absolutely fine. No worries, no issues. Fifth grade ended up being a lot tougher for her for a lot of reasons, the first of which was Lucy's birth and the emotional trauma of what happened to me- that was really hard on her. It wasn't handled the way I would have handled it (but of course, I was kind of busy) and in the immediate aftermath I assumed talking it out at home, and letting the school counselor help would be enough, and it very much wasn't. Add to that the influence of a really inappropriate kid and Olivia had a really tough year. Middle school was supposed to be a completely fresh start for her and I really had hoped that given all of the issues we have had this year the people in charge of dividing kids into the wings for middle school would have tried really hard to separate Olivia from this other girl, knowing full well how damaging and toxic this girl was for Olivia.

But no.

They did nothing.

So now it's up to me to advocate for my kid because it's clear nobody else will. I'm so disgusted and disappointed with the entire situation. I know this other kid has a crappy home life and that's unfortunate, it is. But it doesn't excuse bad behavior. It doesn't give them a free pass to be harmful to another person. And the fact that people don't recognize that this other kid has seriously scary mental health issues that need to be addressed? It does a disservice to her, ultimately. But in the meantime? I now have to figure out how to get my kid as far away from this kid as possible so that her middle school years, which are already going to be tough because it's middle school and it's just an awkward time for everyone, aren't made worse by being in daily contact with this girl.

I just wanted a quiet, relaxing summer. That's all I wanted. But nope, I've got a summer of stressing out and worrying about this.

Oh, and she's signed up to play the flute in the sixth grade band. So if you know of any high quality ear plugs, let me know.


Ruth said...

Schools really are crappy when it comes to bullying. My husband had to threaten our school district with a lawsuit before they did anything. My sister had to open enroll her children to a different school district a town away from where they live. In Iowa, they have laws, but getting the schools to admit it happens in their school is another thing. We ended up having to fill out anti-bullying/anti-harassment forms and that forced the school to do something. Their method of dealing with the whole thing was very questionable. But, a couple of the other kids ended up going to counseling and so did my daughter.
But, make a big old stink. If you can, call the school and explain things and see about having Olivia moved or the other girl.
Schools are supposed to be a safe place.

Life Love & High Heels said...

What about signing Olivia up for Big Brothers and Big Sisters? My college roommate was a Big Sister for a young girl in our college town and it was awesome. Gabby would come over to our house and they'd do fun stuff together while having a positive role model.

Julie H said...

Oh I know all about the bullies. My favorite was before bullying became a thing. This girl wrote crap on the bathroom wall about Jessica and they made Jessica come in and do a handwriting analysis to make sure she didn't write it about herself.