Saturday, August 12, 2017

Super cool things to buy. Because shopping addiction is FUN.

I really believe that stay at home mom's need to come clean and admit to having a shopping addiction. All of the morning shows feature products that "will change your life" or just super fun to have. I can't really shop at that moment so I usually write things down and look it up later. And sometimes I see things that would make super great gifts for people and lord knows I'll never remember in December, so I try to order things well ahead of the holiday shopping rush. So here are a few things I thought were pretty cool.

This thing is the coolest. (See what I did there?!) But this water bottle isn't just your run of the mill water bottle, it does a whole bunch. You can drink out of it like you would any other bottle, but this one has a sprayer AND  mister on it.

I know. This will change your life.

This would be perfect for kinds in sports, runners, if you go camping, amusement parks, the beach, etc. You know how sometimes you're walking around (with kids, because kids are jerks) and you drop their cup, pacifier, whatever? This water bottle can be used to spray it off. You can use it to wash your hands in a pinch. You can spray sand off your feet. Even better? It works upside down. Truly, this is the coolest water bottle I've ever seen. I know it's spendy, for a water bottle, but think of how often you could use this!

Let's ask ourselves, where the hell was this when I went to Florida?! I could have used this and maybe the van wouldn't have looked like we were living in it. If you click on the image it'll take you to the Amazon page and they have two videos showing how you can use this luggage. Do you fly on planes and refuse to pay to check luggage? This will save you. Also, if you are a parent who doesn't like to haul a diaper bag AND a purse, this would be amazing. You can stick all kinds of things in the smaller bags, compress it, throw it into your purse. Imagine only having to bring this small bag, with ALL your stuff in it, versus an entire diaper bag! Right now you can get a set of 3 for the same price as a set of two, so that's kind of great. 

When I was watching the Today Show when these were featured, they were really trying to recommend these for kids shoes. Which would be a great alternative to Velcro. I know when my kids were in Kindergarten they couldn't tie their shoes but they (especially Olivia) didn't want to wear Velcro shoes. Also, once you get to a certain size they just don't make Velcro shoes anymore and that's a problem if your kid just can't get the whole tying-your-shoe thing. 


I am a 35 year old woman who absolutely hates to tie shoes. Hate it. Nothing annoys me more than having to tie my shoes. Penelope is now obsessed with laces so she fully enjoys untying my shoes and the simple act of bending over to tie them is just terrible. I really love to wear my sneakers though because they are so comfortable but dammit- I always have to tie those laces. AND they come undone easily. 
But look at these!! You lace them onto your shoe and just snap it shut. You can get your shoe on and off easily without having to bend over. It's amazing. It's about time we adapt to lazy people. 

A long, long time ago we were gifted one of these push cars. Someone at my inlaw's church had given us one as a shower gift after I had Jackson and it was intended for Olivia. We used it every day it wasn't snowing or raining. It was easily the lightest thing I have ever pushed with a kid in it, it went over all terrain easily, and Olivia (and eventually Jackson) would happily sit and steer as long as I wanted to walk. They'd load the storage area with all their favorite things and off we'd go. Then they grew up, and I was sure we were done having kids, so I sold it at a yard sale. I was legitimately sad to see it go but neither kid fit it anymore and they moved onto scooters and first bikes. 

Fast forward to now and dammit if I don't regret getting it. Penelope and Lucy could each have one and my hope is for Christmas or Easter I can get them each one. Truly. This was the best toy ever. If you are going to a toddler birthday party, you want to surprise a toddler with a cool toy, or hate pushing the stroller because your kid is trying to climb out of it, I absolutely recommend this. This is so lightweight, you'll have no problem pushing it along. 

Alright, that's it for your weekend shopping. I think I'm going to turn this into a regular thing because there are always amazing things to buy. 


Shooting Stars Mag said...

Oh gosh, I find SO many awesome things online - or just hear about them elsewhere and want to buy them online. lol That water bottle sounds awesome! And those little push toys are so cute for kids! I hope both the girls can get one.

Do you use Ebates? You can cash back when you order from many stores online and it makes you feel slightly better. LOL If you haven't signed up, let me know, and I can send you a link - you get $10 as soon as you make one order.


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