Thursday, September 14, 2017

Next year? Teenager. HELP ME.

The thought of Olivia eventually becoming a teenager has always been kind of a distant thought, not something I've really put a lot of stock into. But time is a funny thing, it keeps rolling even when you aren't ready and I need to get ready because next year? Next year Olivia is going to be 13.

I've got a year before I really cry it up, so this year I was overly excited about her birthday. I had convinced Matt to get her a GREAT gift and I splurged and got her the jacket she really wanted from none other than Hollister. She informed me that only babies wear snow pants to middle school and she absolutely was NOT going to wear a matching jacket/snow pants set. I do remember freezing my ass off at the bus stop in middle and high school, wearing shorts and sandals in the dead of winter and only a hoodie because I was for damn sure NOT wearing a huge jacket.

I can't even argue with her because my mom would sell me out immediately.

The very cool thing was this year we were going to just go out for dinner but joining us would be my cousin Stephanie, her husband Kyle, and their daughter Cedar, who just turned two. They could only visit for the day and I was so excited. I only have four cousins and she is easily the most like me and that's probably why we get along so well.
We went to dinner at Grandma's in Canal Park because it's good but also it was the restaurant Matt and I ate at while I was in the early stages of labor with Olivia. We had walked around Canal Park and ate lunch and then that night I would be in full blown, holy-hell-this-is-horrible labor. It holds a fond place in my heart, basically.

My cousin got Olivia a hair straightener (YAY!!! This means mine won't get stolen during sleepovers again!) and a bunch of other stuff I don't remember. I was just super pumped about the straightener.
Her present from her siblings was a book (from Jackson- he used his free book from Barnes & Noble for her), a fidget cube (also from Jackson), and new makeup (from Penelope and Lucy because Penelope ruined all of hers.. a post for another day), and my super talented friend Jessica made a custom make up bag for her. 
I was so excited to give her the jacket, Matt asked me afterwards how much it cost and I told him to not kill my high, man. Just go with it. 
The big present? The big present was a phone.

I know. I've been on the fence for so long but now that she's at middle school and doing activities where she needs rides, it really only made sense. So she got a phone, has a ridiculous amount of restrictions, can't have any kind of social media, and we'll be checking her phone nightly. She was so incredibly surprised and kept thanking us the entire night.

She's had it for almost a week and so far, so good. She's kind of funny because she texts me as she's getting on the bus, when she got to school, and the entire journey home. I know more about her day now than ever before.

My sister in law and brother got her a gift card that she's dying to spend. I am SO glad my sister in law and niece were able to make the drive up. It's a two and a half hour drive and it really just kills your entire day so I'm so appreciative that they came.

After dinner we ended up walking around Canal Park a little bit because there was an incident with someone locking their keys in the car (not me!), and that was unfortunate because someone in our group also discovered they had Shingles that day in a really unpleasant region (not me!), but we made the best of the situation.
The kids climbed rocks! 
Penelope threw rocks at everyone (you see that crazed look in her eye?!). 
Olivia did a great job at entertaining all of the toddlers. 
The really terrible thing? I got next to no pictures. Seriously. Do you think I got one with me and my cousin? No. What in the hell?! Someone grabbed this one of everyone, minus Kyle and Matt.

The next day it was super sucky to miss my cousin before she left because I had a doctor's appointment, but Penelope and Cedar got to play for awhile. They became fast friends and Cedar gave Penelope a run for her damn money. 
It's kind of fun that they are so close in age, same with my niece. I hope that they all grow up knowing each other. I always wanted to have extended family to hang out with and I just didn't. 
But these two played for quite awhile, Cedar bossed Penelope around, and I wish I had seen it because my mom said Penelope's reaction was priceless!! She's so used to bossing Lucy around, it was a total shock to her to not automatically get her way. 

Overall? Olivia said this was her best birthday ever and that I was "mom of the year". I'm documenting this in case she forgets that in a few weeks when I say no to something. 

I told Matt that next summer I really want to drive to visit them in Ohio. That's not too far from us (certainly closer than Florida) and I've never been to Ohio, may as well check it off our map! 

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Ruth said...

I am glad Olivia had a great birthday. My daughter turns 21 tomorrow.