Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Ra Ra Ra... Cheerful Cheerleader

Admittedly, I only know that Olivia participated in cheerleading last year because I vaguely remember writing a check and signing something, but mostly because my amazing friend Andrea got her to every practice and game, and somewhere in there got her photos taken. And she took a ton of pictures and shared them with me.

Other than that, I would have forgotten all about it. I didn't go to any practices or games. I didn't see anything because I was either in pain or exhausted.

Last year our family was amazingly gifted "The Best Christmas Ever", and I know I didn't blog about it, but only because I still don't know what to say. To be surprised by friends and strangers, people from this community, and businesses, too and basically gifted Christmas? What can you even say to convey what that fully meant to your family? I still have a hard time wrapping my head around it, to be honest. But one of the things included was from the local cheerleading team, letting us know that they would waive the fee for Olivia to participate in cheer this year. It's not a huge amount, but to guarantee that she could do this was so great because things are tight right now. That isn't even an exaggeration.
So cheer has officially started. They have had some practices and already cheered at two games. It's been pretty great to watch her, she absolutely loves every second of it.
Some of her best friends are doing it again, too and it is so fun watching these girls grow up. It seems like we were just starting kindergarten and now we're moving onto the middle school.
Even better? That was my first high school football game since... I have to guess maybe tenth grade? This was my school and I'm not really a fan of sports, I have no idea what I'm watching. Hockey? That I understand. Football? Nope. Seems completely stupid. Dammit if I didn't have a great time, though. Our team won the home opener, the cheerleaders did a great job, and would you believe the high school has baton twirlers now? Where was that when I was in school?! Sigh. The new stadium is amazing and you can't sit in those bleachers and not feel Spartan Pride.

I hope this is something Olivia continues with things like this- I so enjoy watching her little face beaming with excitement. Well, not little anymore. Olivia is officially a 12 year old tween today. I can hardly believe it.

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Julie H said...

Yeah! How fun for Olivia, I'm glad she gets to continue going and that someone took lots of pictures for you.