Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Our kid ate $6000.

We knew early on that Olivia was going to need braces. We didn't realize that she was going to need two rounds of braces. The first round wasn't really that bad, she only had them on half of her top teeth, but she had them for two years and that cost us about $3300. We made payments and had maybe six months with no braces and no payments.

Then we did our follow up in September to see how things were now that all of her adult teeth are in. It's a mess. She needs to move teeth around a LOT on the top, the bottom isn't awful. She also needs springs, which is the modern equivalent to head gear. She needs braces for two years, at least. Our cost? Just under $6000.

Matt was not pleased.

We were able to borrow the money from his parents and we're just paying them back, but still. That's a lot of money. That's more than I paid for my first car. It's 3/4 of my second car. It's funny how as we get older the cost of things seem to go up as well.


So we did it. I took Olivia to her almost three hour appointment to get her braces.
I'm actually kind of glad she had the mini set already because those weren't horrible but she at least knew what to expect this go round. She said having a mouth full definitely feels odd and I don't think she's quite used to it yet. 
She absolutely hated the cheek spreader the most. She looked pretty grateful when that thing came out. 
She didn't get her springs yet, that comes in about six months, and I'm going to have Matt go to that one because they show you what to do if they become disconnected. I can tell you right now there isn't a chance I can help her with that. 
Some of her teeth aren't connected by wires yet (mostly the back ones) and that'll happen when her springs get put in. 
She picked purple and teal bands, which you can't really see, but it was what she had most of the time with her first set, her favorite colors of course. She did pretty well that day and I sent her to school with some ibuprofen, but she texted me on the bus saying her whole mouth hurt and she wanted to go to bed. She didn't eat dinner and went to bed with ibuprofen and an ice pack. I felt terrible for her. I kept telling her that while this certainly sucks, think of how amazing her teeth are going to look when its done! She agreed while eating a popsicle for breakfast. Ha!

She's had them for almost a month already and so far she's doing fairly well. The thing that the springs connect to bothers her cheek but other than that, she isn't complaining about them. She IS missing some of her favorite foods that she can't eat with them, but I have to say- she's pretty diligent about taking care of them. She takes her "do not eat" list seriously, so I'm lucky on that front. But every time she asks for something, I remind her she has almost $6000 in her mouth and she quickly stops asking.


Ruth said...

My kiddo did two rounds of braces too. That was also a surprise. Before her upper braces were put on, she had a quad helix. That is like a retainer that doesn't come out. After that the upper braces and then an upper retainer. Next, full braces. Two retainers. It was expensive. They did credit us $1000 when they did the second round of braces so it was only $5200 instead of over $6000. We could have paid for two years of community college and then some. But, no more cross bite. We were lucky. Her orthodontist had a payment plan. At the same time, dental insurance pays squat towards orthodontia.

Tales of a Misfit Housewife said...

My poor kiddo needs them but I can't afford them one bit, especially right now. It makes me sad. She's 15 almost 16