Thursday, March 1, 2018

Valentines, Psychic, and conferences

This week is all about random, isn't it? I realized when cleaning out photos from my phone I never talked to you about my Valentine's Day! 


So let's do that. 

I spent Valentine's Day mostly with my friend Amy who came up from the Twin Cities area to visit the psychic I've seen. Lady O is in Duluth and she's legit. 

And before you roll your eyes because you don't believe, I swear on Lucy's life this lady is for real. She told me things at my first reading that nobody would know because I've never told anyone. Like really serious, big things. 
 Amy believes in this stuff too, so it was a fun outing for us. I waited for her reading out in the hallway which smelled vaguely of incense and urine. 

Nice ambiance. 
 While waiting a homeless guy gave me a flower with no stem and told me I was pretty. 
 Some volunteer for the Downtown District gave me candy. 

Lady O told me I'm in a rut and I need to make some decisions because everything is muddy right now. Which is exactly how I feel, I feel like I'm just floating along with no direction or purpose. I can't remember everything else she said but it was a good visit nonetheless. 

I also had Jackson's conferences last week, Olivia's are next week. 
Apparently Jackson is sick of people stealing. Interesting because he uses all, and I mean ALL, of my hair products without asking. His hair has got to be hard as a rock every day for school. Balls could bounce off easily, I think. But his conference went really well and it was student led so he got to do all of the demonstrating and explaining test scores. He was so proud to have gone up in everything, surpassing some of his goals and setting some new ones for the last part of the year. Hard to believe that was his last conference as a fourth grader!

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Lauren said...

Sounds like a fun Valentine's Day. I DO think there are some legit psychics, and this one sounds awesome.

That's great that Jackson is doing well in school!! :)