Wednesday, April 25, 2018

That time Penelope pooped herself.

I honestly can't believe I've waited so long to post about this because it was funny at the time. Now it's even funnier because it's absurd.

A few weeks ago now, we were having a fairly regular day. My mom was here helping me and the little girls were in my office playing, I must have been in the dining room or something. Out of nowhere, the most terrifying scream erupts from my office so we all come running.

Only to see Penelope standing there, shaking like a leaf, clearly terrified. Of what? We don't know.

What we do know is that she was so scared she actually pooped herself.

My mom changes her, I go looking for a cause, finding nothing. I gently ask Penelope to show me what was so scary but she won't. She took forever to go back to playing in there and I never did figure it out.

Fast forward a few days and she's playing in the living room, starts screaming just the same again. This time I'm intrigued so I ask her what was going on. She tells me it's a spider.

FINALLY! Something I can look for!

Except there is no spider.

All there is a furball from a cat.

Penelope believes they are spiders and therefore, is absolutely terrified of them. We have three cats. I bet you can assume how fun my life is right now.

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