Monday, May 14, 2018

Easter and birthdays

I realized when doing a phone dump of photos I am grossly behind in updating you on the kids. I'll try to catch up because I need to get stuff off my phone before I forget what they were from. 

So for Easter we had a nice little day. The bunny came and brought the kids way too much stuff but it was fun. 
Lucy got a little tea cart and Penelope got a cleaning cart and they have been playing with them quite a bit.  
Penelope was more excited about candy, to be honest.  
The bunny always brings outside stuff for the kids and I struggled on what to do for the big kids. The littles got chalk and bubbles but the bigs don't want that kind of stuff. I ended up getting them spray paint chalk for the sidewalk, a movie, and pogo sticks. I wasn't sure how pogo sticks would go over but they were on sale on Amazon one day and I took it as a sign. Let's just say Jackson has no pogo skills whereas Olivia does, surprisingly. They have been having a ton of fun with those and so far, has not hit the vehicles. 

Then Jackson's birthday was soon after and again, what do you get this kid? He has a million Legos so  we all had a hard time. 
 My inlaws got him a three month subscription to Kiwi Crate and so far he's gotten two of them and LOVES IT. I am going to have to continue his subscription because he really enjoys putting the machines together and getting some mail every month. 
It's hard to believe my boy is ten now and that he used to be my baby. He's still my baby in a lot of ways but it's hard to ignore him getting older. He informed me he wants to be a hair dresser someday but he also wants to build things so he's not sure where that will take him. He's going to do tennis again in the summer and I just love this little boy. Easily the kindest boy I have ever met. 

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Shooting Stars Mag said...

Happy Birthday to Jackson. That subscription box sounds awesome. I love that the Easter bunny gives stuff to play with outside, and that's great the older kids are enjoying their pogo sticks!