Monday, May 28, 2018

The last lap.

Locally our community recently passed a rather massive referendum that would bring a new elementary school (tearing old one down), lots of much needed repairs to other schools (my kids' school had running water from the roof into classrooms to be collected in garbage cans, not kidding), and then a brand new high school. All of these things were needed, the buildings were outdated and needed repairs that would exceed the cost of a new building so it really only made sense. 

The problem is that the high school used to be shaped like a circle so it has a lot of sentimental value to many of us in the community. It had additions put on over the years but the bulk of the school was a circle with an outdoor commons area in the middle (that nobody was allowed to use) and it was just a neat building. The cool thing to do every morning was to walk the circle- you'd get your group of friends and walk around and around. Until you were a senior when you'd be getting there right before the final morning bell and then you'd find yourself racing through the circle and down the rickety ass stairs that shook. 

Before the building comes down this summer the school district held a "One Last Lap" event on a Saturday a few weeks ago where the public could come walk another lap, tour some old classrooms and basically reminisce, try to find your old locker, and run into old friends. 

So my friend Cassandra and I went. 
This is clearly under construction but this used to be my locker hallway for grades 9 and 10 near my homeroom. 
 Here's my old homeroom, room B7, it was Mr. Johnson and he taught electricity. 
 This is going to be the new front entrance. I'm a little alarmed at how much still needs to be done for it to open this fall. 
 More new construction, it's going to be massive. 
 The old gym, still smells like sweat and tears. The only time gym wasn't horrific was when we played pickle ball. 
 These are the rickety stairs. Swear on your life, they shake pretty badly when kids go up and down them. Now imagine a bunch of asshole jocks jumping on them on purpose to scare the crap out of you- it's not fun. I'd just as soon walk clear across the circle to the other stairs and triple the time it took me to get to one class to the next. 
 That's the view from the top of the stairs.  
 I kind of hope that the new school has as much Spartan pride displayed throughout the school as our old one does. 
 The middle of the circle. I firmly believe they should put the parking lot around this tree and decorate it with blue and white lights at Christmas time. 
 The front of the school, entrance to the circle. 
 Cassandra and I on the right, other friends Maureen and Chera from school on the left. 

Walking through the school was bittersweet. I couldn't remember classrooms I was in or where exactly my locker was (it switched 3 times in the 4 years I was there) but I do remember walking the halls. I couldn't believe how dark and dungeon-like it was in there, what a completely depressing place to go every day. I really hope the new building has a ton more natural light in it. 

It'll be sad to see the circle go but I'm glad my kids will get to be in an updated building more conducive to learning in this century (the circle was built in the 50s). The cool thing is my diploma has a blueprint/engineered drawing inside the cover of the portfolio it comes in, and it has the circle. It's weird to think my kids will graduate from the same school but theirs will be totally different. Oh well, once a Spartan, always a Spartan. 

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What a great experience! I'm glad you went :)