Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Memorial Day, Beginning of Summer

I have always used Memorial Day as the beginning of summer and Labor Day as the end of it. It's when I do my wardrobe switch over, I pull out the swim toys, and we get the yard ready for summer fun. That usually means putting the gazebo up, getting the adriondak chairs out, pulling all of the summer toys off and giving them a good wash with the hose, the first lawn mow of the year and this year, putting up the new chain link fence. 

That's right, our yard is fully fenced in this year! It's only been a week so far but it's been really great to not have to worry if a toddler is running out into the road or if the dog is going to break his leash trying to eat the mailman. We've really been enjoying it and I fully enjoyed watching Matt do it by hand. He even put a tool belt on a few times. Swoon

We've even had a handful (literally not even whole days because the wind switched and came right off Lake Superior making our neighborhood 20, sometimes 30 degrees, cooler than the rest of town!) of sunny and warm days so we got out the very little pool. For some reason Lucy has become terrified of the bathtub and now the pool. She never used to be, there was no traumatic incident, but she's terrified- it's really annoying. 
This was right after Jackson splashed Penelope with FREEZING cold water. Needless to say she wasn't very pleased. Lucy just watched on, drinking Matt's water. 
 After the wind switched everyone got dressed again and I managed to get a picture of the four of them. I took a cluster of eight images, this is literally the only one everybody is looking at me and not crying. In the span of two seconds it's a range of emotions. Unreal. 
 I also kind of like this one too because it really sums up their personalities. 

The next day we tried to do the pool again. 
 And Lucy just sat in a chair and was cute. She occasionally got off to play with the water table or go down the slide, and finally demanded to swing in her swing seat.  
Penelope is all about hamming it up. Did I mention she is for sure going to start Head Start in the fall in their three year old program? I'm pretty excited she'll have some real structure for at least the morning. She doesn't seem AS excited but the last couple of days I've taken Jackson to school she thinks she's going, too. So we'll see. She can count to twenty by herself, can identify letters, colors, and numbers and we're working on sight words. We'll see. I think she's definitely ready for some kind of educational program so I'm optimistic about it. 

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Shooting Stars Mag said...

Yay for a fenced in yard! That has to feel good. Aw, I hope Lucy starts liking baths and pools again - she's going to love it on hot days. :) That's great Penelope is starting "school" this fall. I'm sure she'll love it.