Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Summer Bucket List

Every year I see people on Facebook posting things like their summer bucket list and every year I think to myself, what a great idea!!, and then never do it. We really can't afford to do a whole lot and now trying to do anything as a family of six is EXPENSIVE so we have to keep it to a minimum. Except I keep seeing things like older people talking about regrets and things they wish they had done as a family and it all boils down to taking the trip, doing the thing. You can always make more money, you won't always get that opportunity to do that thing.

If there's anyone who knows how short life is, it's me.

So we are going to do the things.

1. Go to the Dells: We are going to the Dells, specifically Great Wolf Lodge, for two nights in July. We've gone twice now and we've discovered Kalahari wasn't all that (at least when you have toddlers) so we are going to go back to Great Wolf Lodge. This time, we told the kids, so they are super excited about it. I don't know if we'll have time to do anything else while down there, maybe we'll head to a zoo or something before we hit the road back home, not sure yet.

2. Brainerd, MN: We are going to the Safari North Wildlife Park in Brainerd one day. We haven't ever been there and it shows up on a lot of lists around here so I figured we'd take the drive one weekend and check it out. That's going to cost us $60 just to get in.

 Lucy living her best life with her first smore. 

3. Hayward, WI: So another place I haven't been to but the big kids have, the Wilderness Walk in Hayward, Wisconsin. Another $60 but I have heard really great things about this place.

4. Como Zoo/Cascade Bay: This would be a recreation of a trip we did way back when Olivia was just 10 months old. It would mean spending the night in a hotel, so an added expense, but it would be so much fun. I'm thinking it makes sense to go to Cascade Bay the first day and then Como Zoo before we come home. That's going to be like $53ish to get into Cascade Bay but Como Zoo is free so as far as trip cost, it's pretty inexpensive. Sure we'd have the expense of a hotel but I bet I can get one for $120 or less if I start looking now.
Penelope ate a smore, but went back to eating chocolate and marshmallows separately. 

5. Canal Park Day: We have a gem of a place right in our own backyard, Canal Park. Every summer we spend the day throwing rocks, having lunch, getting ice cream, and walking around. We can do this anytime so I've left this one kind of loose. The last few years we've ended up doing it on Labor Day but we'll see.

6. Vista Fleet: The second thing I have booked for us. I wanted to do it this past weekend but with the crappy, rainy (and cold) weather, and Grandma's Marathon happening, that didn't make any sense. So I booked all of us tickets to go on a Family Fun Cruise around the Duluth/Superior harbor. This was a little more expensive because there's pizza and ice cream served but I figured it would be a fun Father's Day thing to do and I don't have to cook. Always a win.

7. Mall of America: It's basically a given that every August we make a trip to the Mall of America. We do it all up, rides, aquarium, shopping, food, Crayola Experience, the whole thing. This ends up being hundreds of dollars so Matt dreads it every year, but I try to pick up some school clothes off clearance racks while we're there so it's not without purpose. Matt still hates it. The kids love it.

I think that's it! That's a very full (and expensive) summer but figuring we're stuck to doing these things on weekends only, it fills our summer. The kids are gone for a couple of weeks to their Grandma and Grandpa's so that books out time we don't get them. Then we just have to hope for good weather which (at least around here) has been not great at best. It's not snowing, but it's been cold. We're maybe the only part of the nation not in a ridiculous heat wave. If you're melting, come to northern Wisconsin or Minnesota.. by Lake Superior. And a sweater because you will need it.

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