Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Lucy- the party animal

I know I have said this countless times but Lucy's birthday is a tough day for me. It proved to be a LOT harder this year than I thought it would be. I'm frustrated because it's like no matter how much I prepare the day still knocks the wind out of me. Thankfully a bunch of friends checked in with me during the day, and my friend Tammy sent me flowers, so it was nice to know people were thinking about me. 
This year for her birthday I decided that we'd have her "party" on Saturday but I feel like you should still get something to open on your actual birthday. Obviously, Lucy fully agreed. 
So I got her a new Play Doh set with some new dough (since she ate most of her other stuff) and she was pretty excited about that, clearly. 

On Saturday the girls had our regular morning and lunch, and then when they went for their nap I got the food ready and blew up some balloons, something that Penelope said we HAD to have. 
 Lucy was pretty pleased with them. 
 We had a standard cook out.
 And then we had cake. Lucy thought it was pretty funny having everyone sing happy birthday to her. 
 And I'm including this because Penelope's face is GOLD. 

Then it was time for presents and Lucy sat right down on the floor and got to it. 
 Grandma Renae got her a new Little People boat, which she just discovered rolls on the floor so she's loving this even more. She also got her some cute shirts for fall. 
 I got her a Little People train and a Baby Alive doll. 
 Grandma Cindi got her a Calico Critters house and a little car, and a family of bunnies. She LOVED it, clearly. 

I wish I had taken video of her opening gifts because she squealed and made the cutest sounds ever. I can't wait for Christmas (I can't believe I'm saying that!) because I'll bet she is even more animated!
 And of course, me and my girl (inadvertently both wearing stripes!) at the end of her party. She's making her "excited" face. She is such a good little kid, I'm positive teachers will clamor over each other to get her in their class because she's such a sweetheart. We have entered our terrible two's but so far (knock on wood) they aren't as awful as Penelope's were. Dear god I don't know if anything can match that! 


Julie H said...

She is so adorable!

Shooting Stars Mag said...

What a cutie! I hope she doesn't eat this play doh. LOL Sounds like she had a really nice birthday - and that picture of Penelope. OMG- her face. LOVE it! You've got a sassy one for sure.