Friday, September 28, 2018

Adventures with Lucy

Since Penelope started school, I've quickly realized I have a little more freedom with just one kid here in the morning. Not a whole lot, but I can at least leave the house a little more than I have in the last two years. It's easier to only manage one kid in a car seat, but I do still get overly tired with little effort. That's still pretty frustrating. 

But with just Lucy, I'm realizing I have to do more to keep her entertained. I'm also feeling pressure to get her talking since she really isn't, except for a few words here and there. The Birth to 3 program hasn't gotten in touch with me and I'll be honest- I feel like such a failure of a mom with her that I'm embarrassed to call myself. And I KNOW it's stupid and I shouldn't feel that way. I know it. I cannot rationalize it. I'm working myself up to it. Besides feeling like a failure my anxiety of making a phone call and then having a stranger come to my house? Oy. 

Anyways. So we've been going on outings so she's had some exposure to the world. She got WAY too excited about everything at Walmart a few weeks ago and that was my moment where I realized she needs to leave the house more. I signed her up for a once a week toddler class and then other days I'm going to push myself to get out with her. 
Last week we went to Michaels one day and on another day we went to Hobby Lobby. I've also been on a mission to have activities and crafts for both Penelope and Lucy a couple times a week because right now they play toys and watch movies. Olivia and Jackson always had my own version of table activities. I'd have stations at my dining room table and each seat had something new to do and we'd set a timer and that would tell us when to switch seats. Every day it was something new and exciting. Needless to say... Penelope and Lucy have never seen paint. Well, they've seen watercolors but very limited. I am determined to break out kid paint. God help me. 

But we went to Hobby Lobby to see what they had for Halloween stuff and not surprising, they didn't have much. I found some foam stickers and I decided we'd go with that. As we were walking down the aisle we came across the Christmas stuff and Lucy saw this Santa. It sings, talks, and moves a bit. She saw it and instantly started waving it, showing her craft to it, and then started blowing kisses and saying "bye bye". 

You guys. 

It was adorable.  
Afterwards I decided we were going to go out for lunch since I didn't really have time to run home and make something, eat, then get Penelope. So that was kind of my planning all jumbled up, I didn't plan my timing very well. I had the same issue on Wednesday when I had to bring Olivia to an orthodontist appointment, pick Lucy up so my mom could go to her appointment, feed Olivia, pick up Penelope from school, and get Olivia back to school. It was a very stressful hour and I should have planned that out a little better. 

But I'll just have to make adjustments and give myself more time to run an errand. I'm not as quick and efficient as I once was!  
I also picked up some other crafty supplies and I've been finding things on Pinterest to do with the girls that aren't very expensive, or messy, and doesn't require a ton of prep or clean up. I saw one activity where they had pom poms and had kids put them in a whisk. It looked absolutely stupid. It actually is stupid, but it kept Lucy busy for an HOUR. Then another almost half hour just dumping the pom poms out and picking them up again. Go figure.  
I had to take this picture because that day we went for a nap and there's Lola- sitting right on top of Lucy. Happy as a clam.  
 The next day I got kind of lazy so I didn't really have anything planned. Lucy ended up finding a drum stick from a toy and we went around the house banging the drum stick on things just to hear the different sounds. That kept her busy for a really long time. 
 She's also back to dragging her beloved purple blanket around. I have to really wash it but she needs it to sleep so the timing is never right. 
 Today I tried a new activity where you take pipe cleaners and stick them in a floral foam block. You string beads on them by color. Lucy wasn't interested at all, she was happy throwing and picking up pipe cleaners. Penelope sat and did this for awhile. I saved this and thought I'd try it again with Lucy another time. 
Even Penelope is still taking naps. She's fighting it more and more though but she's exhausted and very much needs them. I just know it's going to be ROUGH once she stops. I'm not ready!! 

Do you have any really cool toddler appropriate activities for me to try? I'm going to keep looking on Pinterest and reporting back. And don't even ask me to dye rice for sensory play- I can barely cook dinner, I'm not trying to dye rice. HA! 

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