Friday, September 14, 2018

Back to School. THANK GOD.

I know there are a lot of parents who really cherish their time with their kids and are sad when summer is done. I am the exact opposite of that and I love when school starts back up. It's not that I don't love my kids, but I really enjoy the routine and chaos. I love fall (but hate winter), I love hearing their stories about school and the flurry of papers that I have to go through. It's an evening ritual I really enjoy. I do best with a routine now so I have been anticipating back to school for awhile now.

So this week is the first week. Tradition calls for their photo in front of our door in the morning and last year I forgot to do Olivia's so I had to do it in the afternoon, so THIS YEAR I told her to come get me before she left for the bus. So she did.
But I'm really tired and I'm not trying to get dressed this early so I went out in my pajamas and Crocs. She wasn't impressed and told me to hurry and get back into the house.
So that's what I did. She was wearing matching sweatshirts with her friend Bethany because this is apparently a thing in middle school.

Monday was Olivia's first day and she got to go a whole day. Jackson had Smart Start on Monday which is basically a meet your teacher, unpack your stuff day. His first full day was Tuesday. 
I volunteered at the picture table but we got to meet Jackson's teacher and put all of his stuff away. His teacher is really great this year. He's at a really great school so I didn't expect anything less. And yes, I know his locker sticker isn't straight, HE put it that way so it would be easier to find his locker. Apparently reading the stickers or just knowing you're on the end isn't easy. Oy. 
He's a pretty patient kid because he had to wait around for two hours while I volunteered so he entertained himself by building this in the library. 
Tuesday was his first full day and he said he had a really great day. He seems pretty excited about his class. He's already trying out for a robotics club and filled out an application to be on the leadership team. He really likes getting involved in clubs and stuff so I hope he gets to be on one of those. Or both. Whatever he wants to do I'll make it work.

So we're off and running! Next week I'll tell you about Penelope and preschool. Let's just say it warrants its own post. (Not a shocker, is it?)

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Shooting Stars Mag said...

Aw, Jackson is such a good kid. I hope he gets on the teams he wants this year. And I'm pretty sure if I had kids, I'd be ready for school to start too. LOL I love the whole back to school thing anyway. :)