Monday, September 10, 2018

Cleaning, sorting, purging, not day drinking

If  I were a drinker, this weekend would have been an appropriate time to do it heavily. The season is changing and in northern Wisconsin that means you start The Great Wardrobe Switch.

Everything that is summer and cute needs to be moved or packed away and everything that is fall/winter and bulky needs to come out. It's taxing when you do your own clothes because you figure out what doesn't fit, what does fit, what will be donated, what can you maybe sell, etc. But as a mom that job lands solely on me and I hate it.

I hate that all of these lands on my shoulders. Because what if I die? Will this just never get done?

Probably not.

Thankfully Olivia and Jackson did their own dressers and closets about a month ago and we donated their old clothes to people we knew that could use them and it was really great to get all of that stuff out of here. This weekend though, I had to do Penelope and Lucy's stuff which just feels monumental because their things are so little. It's little and it adds up because you just need more stuff for kids that are slobs and hot messes.

It took me almost two hours to go through their dressers and figure out what still fit and then I threw everything else into a laundry basket that I would figure out later. Moved all of the stuff to their drawers, put the next size of stuff I have in their bottom drawers (I have this massive rotation I do and it's kind of working out really well). I haven't gone through the closet yet but their closet is just... it's a LOT and I need another weekend to do it. I have to psych myself up for it.

I then sorted out stuff we can sell and what I'm going to donate. Fortunately my donate pile is significantly larger and Matt took all of that on Sunday so my back porch is EMPTY. (It literally has been stacked with stuff all summer because I feel stupid bringing one bag to donate- if I'm going to do it, I will fill my entire trunk up and make it worthwhile.) My sell pile is going to a children's resell place that I've gotten a lot of Penelope's new school clothes at and that worked out really well.

But now my mission is toys. You guys- Christmas is coming. I know. I feel like a jerk for saying it because it's only September but I have to get ready. My house is huge, it really is square feet wise, but when you're in here it is over run with toys. I remember when Olivia and Jackson got to a certain age and their toys fit in their room and there wasn't anything in the living and dining room anymore. It was really glorious to have a regular house that didn't scream, "We have small children running the show here". Right now my house is just overflowing with toys. A lot of them are played with regularly so I'm not going to get rid of them. But I still have a lot of babyish toys that Lucy doesn't really play with and those need to go. Some of the toys that take up space need to go because I'm feeling claustrophobic in my own house. I emptied one toy box completely upstairs and now I really need to work on the stuff down here.

You know what is the devil though?


You guys, stop giving stuffed animals as gifts. Seriously. If someone gifts my kid a stuffed animal I will cut you. My kids only love a handful of them but everything else? Is going to disappear this week. That's all there is to it. I just can't handle all of these things taking up room on shelves and in closets and toy boxes. We all just need to agree that stuffed animals are pointless and stupid, no matter how cute or soft they are.

But it seems like every September I go through this major purge because winter in the northland feels like it closes in on you and I always hope if I make room maybe it won't get so bad.

The next project? My scrapbook stuff. I am going to scale down a LOT. I won't give it up completely but a lot of what I have is going to be donated. I'm not the crafter I once was and I don't think I'm going to go back. I'm learning I have to let some things go and it'll be OK but that I can't do it all anymore. It's a bittersweet milestone, that's for sure.

But how do you change seasons? Have you found an awesome storage solution for small spaces or bulky toys? I need help!


JeepinMaMa said...

I just went through the kids dressers yesterday, only I wasn't up for separating them.. yet.. I'm still not sure if I want to go through the hassle of doing that, or just donate it all. I used to scrapbook A LOT and just haven't been into it the last couple years. All my stuff is taking over almost an entire room. It's time to get rid of it. I've gone digital mostly, and create amazing books through Shutterfly.

Shooting Stars Mag said...

I really do plan to get back into scrapbooking, but thankfully, I don't have a ton of supplies so it just kind of sits in the closet okay. But I want to at least get updated on some things even if they aren't super fancy. hah

That's great you got so much purged this weekend though! It's not a fun job. And I like stuffed animals, but most are just kind of crappy and you can easily just get rid of them!


SavingsInSeconds said...

My kids are always wondering where their stuffed animals went. I sneak in like a ninja at night and toy-nap those dust magnet. They get hidden in the trash most of the time, but sometimes into the donate pile (if they're still new/tags on them.) We have a very small house and no room for that kind of stuff.