Monday, October 29, 2018

Boo at the Zoo 2018

As indifferent as I am about Halloween, I feel like we do a LOT of Halloween activities every year. Mostly so I can justify the expense of the costumes, even more so when I'm buying four of them every year. I thought maybe this would be the year Olivia is over it (she's 13 now) but nope- she's all about it. She has plans to trick or treat with a friend but they don't want to walk about with Penelope and Lucy (Jackson is opting to go with Olivia and her friend), which is kind of bittersweet if I'm being honest. More on that on another day. 

One of the favorite things is Boo at the Zoo. We've gone every year since Olivia's first Halloween when she was just shy of two months old. (Yeah, we brought her. She had a pumpkin hat and she slept most of it.) Some years it's really gorgeous, sunny, warmish fall weather and then other years it's cold, windy, drizzling... like this year! It's held on two different Saturdays in October so you can gamble on the weather. If it's crappy the first weekend you can try to hold out and hope for better weather the next weekend. This year I wanted to go the first weekend because it was so nice out but Matt was working and of COURSE the second weekend was awful weather. I'm so grateful we got there right as it was opening because we were able to get around (most) of the zoo in 47 minutes and leave. 

I was freezing and the kids were all completely over the wind. 
 Lucy is a pineapple this year. I feel like this is probably my last year (ever) of choice of costume so when I saw this online I absolutely HAD to get it. Surprisingly, she loves it and has no qualms about putting it on. 
 I can't remember if she's actually been to the zoo yet but she was all about it. She loved the bugs the best, but she really liked looking at each exhibit carefully. She so respectful and kind of the animals, sure to not be loud and rambunctious around the exhibits. Penelope on the other hand.... let's just say when you think of "which one of these is not like the others", Penelope should be the one that comes to mind immediately. 
 Penelope pretty much hung with Olivia the whole time and Jackson ran into a lot of things. 
 The BEST was this table. Penelope is dressed as Elsa and everyone got that right away. Olivia is actually a fawn, she knew she wanted to be that months ago and this was the only non-slutty fawn costume I could find. Anyways, people apparently had a hard time with that. This guy (can't really see him) was like, "Oh there's Elsa! Oh, so you must be... that reindeer? What's his name? SVEN! You're Sven!"

I swear to god I should have gotten a picture of Olivia's face because she was not pleased. Meanwhile Jackson and I are laughing so hard. We keep calling her Sven for fun now. 

She doesn't think it's funny. 
So Olivia is a fawn, Penelope is Elsa, we have Lucy the pineapple, and Jackson is an octopus. He also knew he wanted to be an octopus months ago and would you believe that's a really hard costume to find? Everyone thought he was a squid though and he didn't like that. Overall though they all got a lot of compliments on their costumes. 

Also adorable? Lucy went trick or treating last year but she was only one so she didn't really get it. This year she can't say "trick or treat" but she holds her bucket out and smiles. Who wouldn't just give her all of their candy? She's adorable! Last year Penelope was all about saying "treat", knowing full well she wanted no part in a trick. This year.. she's gotten shy and doesn't say anything. She's pretty excited about candy though. Lucy takes one bite and throws it away. She's not really one for sweets but she wants to participate. Olivia and Jackson know the deal of course and the candy swap negotiations are always fun to listen to. Especially when I swoop in and take what I want and call it taxation. 

Never to young to learn about taxation. 


Beth (Coffee Until Cocktails) said...

Looks like such a fun event! The zoo down here does one too but we've never gone to it. Maybe someday. I love all the costumes so much, especially Jackson's octopus, that is awesome!

Kim {Hope Whispers} said...

Zoo Boos are always fun. Although my boys passed this year. We went to the zoo but they wouldn't trick or treat :-( Wish they'd stay young always! Love the little pineapple 🍍

Unknown said...

Awee, that is so cute. I love this. I am loving the costumes. All these memories will stay with you and your daughter in the future. It is important to have family traditions and this is a perfect example for it. It makes me so happy :)

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Aw, how fun! My nieces and nephew are getting some wear out of their costumes this year too. We didn't do the zoo event, but we went to King's Island amusement park yesterday and there was some trick or treating that they all loved. The youngest, Lily, is super cute about it! And aww - sorry people didn't know Jackson and Olivia's costumes, but it's still really funny. And I LOVE Lucy's pineapple costume. So absolutely adorable.


Midnight Cowgirl said...

Their costumes are so fun!

Shybiker said...

What great costumes! Halloween is great for kids.

Julie H said...

That octopus costume is pretty awesome!