Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Lucy goes to (toddler) school

Now that Penelope is in pre-school, Lucy is starting to feel kind of left out. I've taken her on a handful of shopping adventures but no joke, EVERY DAY she thinks she's going to school too. Fortunately where I live we have a pretty great community program aimed at babies and toddlers and they have play groups and such. I signed Lucy up for an "Early Explorers" class and it's only one day a week for an hour and a half or so. It's kind of nice because we call it school and she's all about it. 
 Seriously you guys, she puts her empty backpack on and she wants to go. 
 They always have a sensory table area (this week was paint, which she's never done before), a story, crafts, and a snack. They also get a free play time and the parents separate and do our own parent tips type thing. I remember doing this with Olivia and Jackson and back then it was Fridays (handy because I had Fridays off) and it was my life line to other new moms, I learned a LOT about child development and parenting in general and I really credit those parent sessions for my ability to raise Olivia and Jackson to be as great as they are. 

Lucy is pretty excited about this and she loves running from new toy to new toy. She especially loves this ride on thing and she is all over the classroom with it. 
Of course she's all about snack. She sees someone getting napkins out and she's dropping everything in her hands and going for snack. Ha! 

She's basically the only non-verbal kid there. She's not totally non-verbal, she can say a few words but she's not stringing them together in any kind of sentence. She's not helpless, she can make it known what she wants/needs and it's really easy to figure that out so I know her brain is firing, we just have to get words coming out a little faster. 

It's actually been good for me because I'm gaining a little more confidence taking her places. I still tire out ridiculously fast. I'm also noticing the more tired I am, the less clear my head is... if that makes sense. I get confused easier, I can't put together thoughts and have it come out coherently, and I get more forgetful. I'm trying to write all of this down so I can tell my doctors because they always ask how my memory and cognitive function is and my automatic answer is "fine" but it's really not. I have to remember (ha!) to give them this information. So I'm trying to get better at that, too. 


Shooting Stars Mag said...

Oh my god, Lucy is so cute. I'm glad she's loving her "school." That should make you feel better about school in the future if she's loving it all now!! :) And she's a girl after my own heart...I'm all about snacks too. ;) LOL


Beth (Coffee Until Cocktails) said...

I'm glad you've found a fun little "school" for Lucy and that it's been good for both of you. She certainly looks like she loves it!

Erica Robyn said...

Oh my goodness! Go Lucy!! She is too cute.