Thursday, November 15, 2018

Is it seriously November?

Not only does it not feel like November, but it's basically the end of November because it's all about Thanksgiving right now. Our plans for Thanksgiving are to go to Matt's parent's home and do dinner on Thursday. One of us will brave the crowds on Friday in hopes of getting the $99 laptop or cheaper iPad since those are the big gifts for the kids this year and money is TIGHT. Then we are going to my brother's house to celebrate my niece's birthday. It should be a fun way to end the week, but super stressful. 

And before we do any of that.... I have to get new tires for my vehicle. It dawned on me that since becoming a car owner when I was 17, I have never had to buy more than one tire. I've replaced radiators, transmissions, countless belts/fuses/spark plugs/brakes/etc.... but never tires. So imagine my surprise when they gave me the estimate for four tires for my 2015 Ford Explorer AWD with 22" rims. 

I wasn't sitting down and I should have been. It's a really good thing I hadn't taken a Linzess that day
 In other adulting news, I bought boots. I bought a pair of every day snow boots that don't make me sound like a troll coming over a wooden bridge. They are light weight, cute, and are called Duck Boots. A few friends have made fun of me because they say they look ridiculous so I've been texting them photos of me in my boots and having dry and warm feet. That was an exciting adult purchase. 
I voted this month. That was nice. Not all of my candidates won but I did my civic duty. I suspect Matt did NOT because he said he did but "lost his sticker". Who loses their "I voted" sticker? Come on, now. So I think I have a lazy citizen in my house.  
 I've looked five or six months pregnant basically all month. I'm not, obviously, but I'm strongly considering buying maternity pants at this point. 
 Anyone who knows me knows I pretty much don't like Thanksgiving. I'd be happy to skip it, I don't enjoy anything about it. I love Christmas a lot. So much so that I convinced Matt to put the tree up.... three weeks earlier than usual. Clearly Lucy was excited about this as well. She kept squealing and pointing to the tree to see if any of us was noticing this amazing thing happening. 
I put up all of the rest of the decorations today (Matt doesn't know this yet... whoops) and Lucy is all about it. Last night they really wanted to see the Poppy inflatable I bought for the yard on clearance last year, so we just put it in the house to see. Matt says he's going to put yard lights up this week but he hasn't for the last two years and if I let it slide a third year I feel like he'll never do it again. So I'm putting my foot down- for the betterment of their childhoods- yard lights MUST go up. 

If they end up in counseling it won't be because of a series of crappy Christmases. 

That's all there is to it. 


jessica bryer said...

I hope you get all your decorations up. Have a good day and hope all goes well at the Doctor

Shooting Stars Mag said...

I hate Thanksgiving too, and I'd totally love to skip it. I don't even really know what my family is doing this year. However, I am going to NY right after the holiday, so at least there's that. lol I love that your tree is up and Matt before put outdoor lights up!! It's for the CHILDREN!!


Katie said...

Those boots are super cute! I really need some new ones. Mine don't stay tied unless I double knot them and I just don't think they're that cute....what brand are yours?