Friday, December 21, 2018

Dancing us broke. But she's cute!

Let's talk about regular life stuff. I feel like so much is happening and I'm forgetting to document it and I'm getting things all mixed up in my head. The state of my scrapbooks is TERRIBLE and I really have to make it a priority in 2019 otherwise all my memories will be gone. 

So this year, Olivia continues with dance. We opted to switch her to the Duluth program mostly because they offered more classes for her to do, and she really likes dance. It's for sure her thing. So she is in Jazz, Kick, Hip Hop for the whole year, and then Ballet (technique only, they don't perform) and Lyrical (which was a special session so that's done unless they offer a spring special session of it). It's a LOT but she is absolutely loving it and it's been really great seeing her improve more in the three months she has been here. But this weekend, or the weekend before, (I can't remember) they had their recital and it was pretty great to watch. 

I felt bad for Liv because she had so many costume changes so she had like a minute and a half to do each one of them but she did it, so that was a relief! 

 The first dance they could wear Christmas colors or a Christmas sweater and we had been shopping at Michaels for craft stuff and by god- they had a flamingo sweater. I absolutely HAD to get that because she is my dancing flamingo. It was amazing. I kind of hope it fits her next year. 
 This was actually my favorite costume because I didn't realize how sparkly it was. The girls did SO well with every dance and really, it's only a few practices to learn a dance and these instructors go much faster than they did in Superior and I think that's what Olivia needed- a harder challenge. 
 Oh- this was lyrical and she looked beautiful. The dance was really great and she said it was her favorite one. I wish I had gotten more photos but the damn DJ would not sit down for nothing and I didn't want to stand up and block the view of people behind me. 
She was pretty exhausted afterwards but she did so well. I didn't get any good photos of her doing the hip hop dance but I had to talk her into the class and she really likes it. I think she had an idea of what it would be like from the Superior group and yeah... it's nothing like that. They actually dance in this one and it's totally different than everything else so she's learning different things. 

Overall it was really great. As tiring as it is sitting at the practices for hours and the drive (which I didn't think would be fun in the winter and I was 100% right on that), she really enjoys it. She's been able to keep up with homework and do dance so I look forward to another few months of dance. They'll compete twice this year for Jazz and Kick, and I kind of wish they would compete with Hip Hop because their team is actually really great. 

We'll see. 


Shybiker said...

That's great! Dance is a healthy combination of art and physical activity. I wanted to do it when I was young but, back then, dance was off-limits for boys.

If you ever make it to New York, you must take your daughter to see the Radio City Hall Rockettes. In person, they are so impressive. Their dance ability is amazing. I've seen them several times and am always blown away.

Happy holidays!

Julie H said...

She looks like a natural!

Shooting Stars Mag said...

I'm glad that Olivia is doing so well with dance, and really enjoying it too. I do adult dance classes and I love it - I do tap and cardio hip hop. In May, we'll do two tap dances as part of their recital. :)