Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Skiing, Dancing, Forensics, Opera, and more!

Behind the scenes we've been really busy with life because it keeps rolling no matter what. It seems like our calendar is full every single day, every single week with something and it's going to be weird when it isn't anymore.
Jackson's school took all fifth graders skiing recently. Olivia never got to do it because it was terrible weather and it wasn't feasible, but Jackson was able to go and it ended up being the day we had awful wind and basically a snow storm. Matt agreed to chaperone because I can't ski and I hate weather, but Matt doesn't mind weather and he's actually a really good skier, and Jackson was terrified because he's never done it.
Matt texted me as soon as Jackson made it off the bunny hill because he was so worried he'd never get off it and be stuck there all day by himself.

Olivia had her second (and last) competition of the season in Brainerd, MN a week or two ago. We had a really good time and we really enjoy the chaos of a competition and I like to watch the other teams dance, too. 
I thought they did better at their last competition, but this time I thought for sure they would place because the team that ended up beating them had two dancers slip and fall but that just wasn't their day.
We had a really good time though even though the drive there was kind of horrible. Afterwards we went out to eat since we missed lunch and just talked about life as a 13 year old.

The fun thing is my parents gave me money to sign Penelope and Lucy up for dance class. It's just a really short session so I can gauge if they have any interest at all, but I hope they like it. 
Obviously, we had to get little outfits to dance in and are they not the cutest damn things EVER? I hope they have a good time because I feel like I don't do much with them and I think maybe an activity will be helpful for them. 
Olivia did Forensics again this fall and she had two friends in it with her. They did Reader's Theater, and I know nothing about Forensics but they literally read a story aloud. I guess that's... it? Well they scored high enough to earn a spot at state. So they went to state and came home with a blue ribbon. I don't know what that means but they don't give out places, I guess? Olivia said their group got all A's, so that's good. I forget what their piece was called but Olivia played a murderer who was kidnapping a person (the girl on the end) and her victim was talking to the baby mama (middle girl) and her life was so terrible that the murderer decided to not murder her. I think? So now Forensics is done. I keep suggesting she do it because it's an easy club, it's something she can do in high school and I think there are scholarships for it later on so I'm all about that because we are poor. 
Jackson was in an opera at school! I know, you're like, "Jackson in an opera?!" Yes, that's what I thought too. Actually I thought he was messing with me when he told me and then he got mad because I was laughing. Turns out, he was a townsfolk and needed a flannel shirt. Got that ordered, he spent almost an hour on his hair, and accessorized himself with props at school and here he is. Honestly he's the cutest damn townsfolk I've ever seen. He looked like he was actually singing and it was a cute little show. 
Penelope and Lucy... they are kind of a handful. Don't let Penelope fool you here, she's the mastermind. These two.. they drive me nuts and bring me to the brink of exhaustion but they are pretty cute. Every day when I get up in the morning they act as if they haven't seen me in years. Lucy also has this thing where she introduces you to people. It's kind of adorable. 
Oh yes. The plan is to sign Lucy up for 3K (like Penelope is in this year) but she's got to be potty trained. It didn't even dawn on me that it was time to do that with her because my sense of time is really bizarre. Here is Penelope showing Lucy the potty seat and telling her it's no big deal. What you don't see is Lucy firmly saying, "Me no like it" and "me no want to" and so that's how potty training is going. 
I cannot tell you how tired I am. It's next level. Every time I think it can't get worse, it absolutely does. It's like my body is shutting down and lifting an arm takes so much effort. Ugh. So that's life right now. It's really chaotic and loud in my house. Everyone has a life and it's so weird. They aren't just parts of my life, they all have a life outside of me. I don't know why that's strange but it seems weird to me.

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Shooting Stars Mag said...

I hope Lucy is potty trained soon. Apparently it took forever for me, so she'll get there! LOL Their little dance outfits are so cute though. I hope they enjoy it. It looks like everyone has been super busy and having a lot of fun, which is great! Sorry you are so tired though. I can't even imagine being that tired, and I'm pretty tired most days. That's rough.