Friday, April 26, 2019

The Worm Whisperer

It's really hard to believe that Penelope's three year old preschool year is almost done. They finish in mid-May and I hear every day from her that she is ready for 4K. She has really loved 3K and though we started off rocky having to drag her in there, every morning she now skips right in and has a good time. Lucy will (hopefully) be going next year, we've already applied, just waiting to get the thumbs up (or down).

They recently had the third, and last, family day and though I went to the first two, I had Matt go to this one because I was at home for a speech therapy session with Lucy. But it's a bummer because I missed Penelope meeting worms.
Penelope is either really adventurous or wild horses can't drag her away, absolutely no in between.
Turns out on this day she was feeling adventurous. Matt said actually picking up the worm took her awhile because she was not so sure but once she picked it up, she was incredibly gentle.
She pet a worm for a long time.
When she came home she was telling me all about it and told me she wanted to bring a worm home but her teacher said no. She told me this morning she can't wait to find a worm and maybe she can bring it in the house because she thinks she has a good bucket for him to sleep in.

Obviously this summer I will have to seriously check what she brings into the house because I won't be happy to have worms in the house. Gross.


Shann Eva said...

Ha ha ha! Totally gross. Bex had a caterpillar for a while in a jar next to his bed. Not gross like a worm, but he didn't feed it, and it died, and he still had it next to his bed. Definitely check their pockets!

Shooting Stars Mag said...

That's kind of adorable she loved the worms so much, but yeah, let's hope they don't wind up in your house as "pets." I'm so happy that Penelope loved 3k and hopefully Lucy can go next year.