Thursday, May 9, 2019

Speech, allergy, last concerts, *deep breath*

We have had SUPER busy days for months now and it's only getting worse. Which is just totally frustrating and exhausting. Living the dream, I suppose.

In April Lucy went to the allergist to see if her awful eczema is allergy related. I've never had a kid go to an allergist so I had no idea what to expect but we weren't there for too long.
We did the panel and she was such a sport. She normally doesn't cry for shots or anything but she cried during this and I felt just terrible. 
The good news is she has no allergies! The bad news is we have no idea what the deal with the eczema is so we're back to square one. So as frustrating as that is, at least we can cross something off the list so I guess it's still good news. 
Lucy continues with speech. The guy who comes twice a week is so great and Lucy absolutely adores him, which makes it a lot easier to do the exercises. This week I got the results of her two tests that look for childhood apraxia and she very clearly, without a doubt, has apraxia of speech. It's not a lack of language for her but she doesn't have the motor development to get those words out. I really, really wish this was just a matter of learning letter sounds because that would be a breeze. This is going to be a matter of getting her brain to function differently. She has some motor skill development that we never noticed was off (hard to do when there are four kids and it's chaos in here all of the time) and I always thought it was just her being more observant versus a do-er. Turns out no, she can't figure out how to do it because her brain can't plan the next step. So if you tell her to tap her left foot and then her right? She's going to have a delay all of the time and maybe half of the time she can do it, the other half she'll get stuck, basically. That's all part of the apraxia.

We have a meeting with the school district at the end of May for them to do an evaluation (which seems ridiculous because she JUST did it but whatever, what the hell do I know?) and then we likely will have a meeting to put her on an IEP and come up with the game plan beginning in the fall when she starts 3 year old preschool.
Olivia had her band concert recently and they did SO WELL. It was like night and day from last year and I knew she was getting better just hearing her practice, but the entire band was just so good. She signed up for band again next year and she intends to do it in high school, but we'll see. 
Jackson had his LAST concert in elementary school. I was pretty emotional about it because it's weird to think he's not the baby anymore. He always kind of will be in a way, I suppose. He is SO excited for middle school though so I try not to focus on all of these lasts so much for him. 
They also showed his picture from the beginning of the year and he's just the cutest thing. I love this boy so much. He signed up for band next year with drums as his first choice, clarinet and trumpet as alternatives. We'll see what he gets but I'm pretty sure it's going to be drums but I kind of want him to do clarinet... but again... what the heck do I know?
Penelope is officially done with 3K. I can't believe how fast that year went and I'm actually kind of sad about it because she really likes it now and she REALLY needs the structure. She gets to do messy crafts we don't do at home and time away from her siblings so she can really be her own person. But she's so excited about 4K and sometimes asks if she can just go to Kindergarten. She's greatly disappointed that she didn't learn to read in 3K.

It's just a busy time of year and before we know it, it'll be summer and that always flies by. So many changes coming this fall and I'm equal parts not ready at all but also so totally ready. Does that make sense? I don't know. But that's what's up with the kids lately.


Rachel Morse said...

Mum life, eh?! The joys and the trials. They don't half keep us on their toes. I do hope you figure out the eczema thing. Let's hope she just grows out of it.

Julie H said...

Jess was 9 when she got allergy tested and I cried with her lol. Odd she's not allergic to anything! Do you use the fragrance free detergents and soap? That seemed to help a little.