Wednesday, May 22, 2019

You can dance if you want to.

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you would know that all three of my girls are in dance. Olivia is 13 but has been doing it since she was 5 or 6, and Pep & Lu started this spring as part of a special session, just to see if they'd like it (or participate). It turns out Pep & Lu absolutely LOVED dance class, so much so that we're going to sign them up in the fall for the full class. I think it's going to be a good socialization piece but also Lucy's speech therapist mentioned having her in an activity that stimulates her gross motor skills might actually help her, so we're going to try it.

In the spring there is always a final show and I look forward to it every year. Because Penelope and Lucy were in the youngest group, they got to open the show. We had been talking about the show for weeks and Penelope was pretty proud of herself because she told us all she has "great talent" and thought she was a big deal being in this show. Lucy is just really stinking cute and she really enjoyed practicing at home.

They took it seriously, you guys. Like for real serious.

So imagine MY surprise when we get there and as I take them backstage when Penelope says, "I'm a little bit scared". Thank god I decided to put a pull up on her (even though she's potty trained) because I didn't know where bathrooms were and to get a leotard and tights off in seconds? I just didn't think I'd do it and I have no back up costume. So as we're standing there she's making a weird face so I ask what's wrong. Her response? "I can't stop peeing."


(Sure enough when we got home? That pull up was FULL.)

So I snapped a picture quickly before I found a seat:
If you know Penelope at all in real life she's shy at first and then she gets comfortable and runs the show. And sure enough, we saw glimpses of her running wild behind the curtain. Sigh. 
Lucy though, was totally excited and she's game to try anything. She got comfortable as soon as she saw Olivia back there. 
And of course, Olivia. Isn't she beautiful? She was in 4 routines plus the finale, so 5 performances total. Even though I had seen all of these at some point during their season for practice, seeing the finished thing is always a treat for me. 
Quick goodbye before I had to sit down!
Did you notice that Lucy's smile is kind of bizarre? Matt told her months ago, "Let me see your teeth!" when we were taking a picture so now she believes this is the face we make. For everything. If you say smile? This is what you get. 
Olivia was SO EXCITED for the recital but would like me to let everyone know her braces come off in eight days. Not that she is counting or anything. 
The thing about these recitals is their instructors are usually on the floor in front of the girls kind of miming the routine in case anyone gets lost or forgets what to do. Lucy had been doing this dance for weeks just fine but inexplicably, 
she literally sat on the floor the whole time doing exactly what the instructors in front of her did. Never mind the rest of her class is standing up,  she's copying those instructors no matter what. It was pretty adorable. Penelope did all of the moves but at some point decided to face the side instead of the front for the rest of the dance and ended it by lifting her skirt to rub it in her ear. The whole thing was adorable.
Penelope and Lucy were supposed to run back to me to sit in the stands so they could watch the rest of the show with us. That ended up working well and the photographer got the best shot of Lucy ever. I feel like I should frame this one.
Olivia was up next with their jazz routine to Seven Nation Army by Vyvienne Long.  It's an interesting cover of the song, not my favorite, but the dance was really beautiful. 

She was also in the Junior Hip Hop dance with a remix called "Shake" which was kind of cool. She wasn't so sure about that class for the first month or so but then she started to really love it, and it was interesting to see her improve over the year.
This spring Olivia also did a special session for Lyrical, which will be a full class next year. She said she really enjoyed Lyrical but that it was actually harder than her regular classes. They did this routine to Hozier's Work Song, which is one of my favorite songs so that was fun. (She's on the far right) I'll tell you, I only saw bits and pieces of this routine, never the full piece, but Olivia was so beautiful, and her friends did so well and I won't lie, I teared up a little. She just looked like a full blown teenager.
She got a little bit of a break before their Middle Kix performance and that was to a Rockstar Remix. It was her favorite routine to do and holy cow- those girls did SO well. It was very cool to see how well they did. Truly. 
I really, really wish I was able to record this dance because it was my favorite. It's actually my favorite finale dance they've ever done. Ever. Ever, ever. It was called "New York" (the recital theme was New York), and it was so, so fun to watch. Olivia was just the cutest ever.

Overall, it was a fantastic show. The Director of her program and the teachers they had were so great and I'm really bummed to have no classes until September now. They might have some pop up classes over the summer, and Olivia has already told me she wants to do any or all of them.


Lauren said...

Aw, I'm glad they all had a great time, and they look amazing! That's so cute that Lucy sat the whole time but still did the moves. And poor Penelope being so nervous, but I saw your video, and she was good! Little kids dancing is the best. My oldest niece and nephew had their recital earlier this month and it was fun to watch. I had my own recital earlier in the day, where we did two tap dances. And omg, that picture of Lucy the photographer got! ADORABLE! Frame it for sure.


Unknown said...

Oh my gosh, aren't they the cutest?!

Beth (Coffee Until Cocktails) said...

So fun! I love seeing little kids dance. I used to go to the recitals for my best friend's sister when we were growing up and it was always a lot of fun.

Julie H said...

They are all so dang cute!