Thursday, July 25, 2019

IEP, speech continued! First hurdle done.

I mean that in the most non-sarcastic way, because I am thrilled that Lucy qualifies for continued speech services!

I know, it sounds weird to hope that your child tests low enough in various evaluations so that she qualifies for speech therapy in school, but the alternative wasn't doable for us. We really cannot afford to hire an outside speech therapist to help her.

I don't have all of the paperwork yet but the basics of it is while her receptive speech is good enough that it wouldn't qualify her, her expressive language is poor and she comes in at the 18-24 month range. Which... is what I was expecting but I was kind of hopeful it wasn't that bad. Additionally, she is only able to use 2 to 4 word sentences and anything beyond that sounds like gibberish. While she can imitate sounds fairly well, her errors are inconsistent but also, her spontaneous speech isn't very good.

It looks like she will get her speech services while at her 3 year old preschool class, so I won't have to worry about scheduling it around my appointments and making sure she's napped before. They told us that what they usually do is pull her out of class for some therapy but then other times do it in the classroom with her because it's a different environment and sometimes that helps.

I am REALLY glad that she can still have speech. I can understand her 75% of the time but other people understand her 30-40% of the time on a good day. My fear right now is that once she goes to school the teacher won't understand what she's asking for or trying to say. I think going to school is the best option for her because I think being around more kids her age will be helpful for her in a lot of ways, speech only being one of them.

It's so exhausting being a mom. Being a mom with cognitive delay and memory issues makes it so much worse and I'm always questioning whether I understand what they are trying to tell me. Am I making the right decision on anything? I never know. I think I'm doing it right with this. I hope.

We have her follow up from her tubes and adenoid surgery next week, I think. So far we haven't seen a huge change in speech, but she is keeping her tongue in her mouth AND she can curl her tongue up. She definitely could not do that before, so that alone is going to be helpful. We also have seen no change in hearing. The theory now is that perhaps she really can't hear us all of the time, like a radio that flickers in and out, kind of. When we go we need to ask for them to test her hearing just to see. We may end up seeing an audiologist because then it would be a matter of determining what kind of hearing loss we're dealing with because some of it is fixable and some of it is not. So.. cross your fingers.


Shooting Stars Mag said...

I think it's awesome she qualifies for speech therapy at school. One less thing for you to worry about/pay for and it sounds like it will be really helpful!! I'm glad she's able to move her tongue more, and hopefully the hearing loss (if any) isn't too bad!!


mypixieblog said...

I'm keeping everything crossed. And I just wanted to let you know you are an awesome mommy. I bet there are decisions you have to make throughout the day on behalf of your littles and how can anyone know what's 100% RIGHT at any given time, but the love you have your kids always comes through and I know this will all work out. Please keep us posted on and keeping fingers crossed she continues to make strides in the right direction!

Julie H said...

My Melissa went to speech. They tried to kick her out one year but I got them to keep her for one more since people still couldn't understand her a lot.

I had Trevor tested to see if he had a learning disability and actually cried (horrible mother) when they said he was super smart and just lazy lol.