Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Summer with the Strands, kind of alright.

I always say that once the Fourth of July comes, summer is basically over. This year we're going to make the most of it because I cannot be in this house one more day and I know I'm going to be a prisoner to it soon so we've been doing stuff. Even if that means being in the yard, it still counts.

So remember when Matt and I went on our anniversary date and the kids all went to various grandma's houses? Lucy went to my mom's because Lucy by herself is so easy and basically puts herself to bed and is content to play by herself on the floor. The other three went to Matt's parent's home and that is always fun and different because they live way out in the woods about a half hourish from our house.
Well Olivia shared some pictures she took on her phone, and some of these were pretty great. Apparently, they decided to let Penelope skip her nap. She's at that age where she NEEDS a nap because she's the crabbiest person in the entire world but she also needs to start staying up without a nap because she's four and yeah. I know it's time but I'm not ready to deal with her teenager attitude at age four. 
They tried to go to the beach but it was really pretty windy, so they ended up at a park. 
Probably my favorite picture, and I kind of wish Lucy was in it because that right there is Christmas card material. 
Penelope really loves Olivia. She really loves Jackson but she shows her love for him by tackling him. 
I guess they had a good time at the park. So much so that....
Penelope basically passed out for bed that night. 
But not before having smores on Grandpa Fred's campfire. She is a fiend for smores and you can basically get her to do anything with the promise of them. 
This was the next morning at breakfast and normally not anything to write home about, but Jackson's face is everything. That's his mood every morning, he's just not here for it and totally over it all.

So what else have we done so far? 
Did I mention Jackson is doing summer school? He opted to do that to "get familiar" with the middle school. Olivia did that when she went into sixth grade and said it helped so he's following her footsteps. I cannot believe he is a middle schooler. I am in straight denial about this. 
Lucy continues to be adorable. I have to do an update on her pretty soon. She has her pre-op physical this week and then her actual surgery is July 18. I know  that this is a no-big-deal surgery and it'll be over before I even sit down, but she's different. There is something about her that feels different to me and I cannot explain it but I just worry in a different way for her, if that makes sense.
We signed up for a toddler gardening class but Penelope rioted and because she said she didn't want to go, Lucy said she didn't want to go. That really stinks because Lucy was all about helping and doing gardening stuff. SO, we got some seeds for at home and she diligently watches them. We  have some sprouts and leaves, no flowers yet though. 
Oh! We took the little girls to see their first movie, which was The Secret Life of Pets 2. I thought this one was better than the first one, honestly. 
Getting six people in, snacks and drinks, and into their seats and situated is no joke. It's also incredibly expensive even though we went on the $5 movie day. I used the last of my gift cards and rewards points to get our tickets for free, but the snacks were ridiculous. They did really well though so I think next week we are going to see Toy Story 4 because Lucy is already in love with Forky. 
I made a welcome mat for my front door. Looks pretty cool but took two hours to make. I want to make another one for the back door so hopefully they have another class soon.

This was just June! I have some things I want to do in July, which include going to some parks we haven't gone to locally to us, and maybe a trip down to the Minneapolis/St. Paul area and going to Como Zoo. I also want to go to the Wilderness Walk in Hayward, but we might end up going during the week without Matt but I'm not sure yet.

How is your summer going? What's on your bucket list?


Beth (Coffee Until Cocktails) said...

You've definitely been making the most of summer so far! I love all the pictures! The mat you made is super cute!

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Sounds like a good summer so far! That picture of the three kids on the slide is adorable - I'm sorry Lucy wasn't in it. Yay for the movie day going well. Movies really are super expensive; it's ridiculous. I hope you all enjoy Toy Story 4 if you go. I liked it a lot! Aw, I'm sorry Penelope didn't want to do the toddler's gardening class, since that made Lucy not want to go. Fun you're planting seeds at home though!


Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Your summer photos show so many happy faces

Shann Eva said...

Your children are beautiful! I love all of the pictures of their sweet faces! We just went to Toy Story 4, and it was pretty cute. On $5 movie day, they give us all free small popcorns, and then I sneak in candy to make it cheaper.