Wednesday, August 7, 2019

End of Summer Already

I always say that as soon as the Fourth of July comes, summer is over and we may as well stop trying.
Which, I don't think I even shared about our Fourth of July but it rained. It rained really hard the entire day and the whole day was a bust. We got to the parade and thought, well the clouds are here but maybe it'll hold out so we can at least do something fun.
That actually didn't  happen and instead, it rained. I'm talking downpour. For a hot second it stopped and I thought, OK- we're wet and that sucks but if it stops we will stay and this will be a fun story. As soon as that compromise was made Mother Nature went back on our deal and started to down pour again. It wasn't even warm, it was a freezing cold rain. That's not even my kid in the pink jacket. Penelope was over it and I had to keep pushing her out there for candy (which we didn't even get to eat because it was all wet and ruined). You can tell Jackson was soaked all the way through. Matt and I were fine because we had umbrellas. HA!

But the rest of July and all of August I kind of lose steam and I am completely over all of this together time.
Here's a small glimpse into my life. Penelope and Lucy leave my office like this. All of the time. I cannot tell you how annoying it is to constantly be rolling over toys with my chair. Olivia and Jackson NEVER EVER shut the drawers in the bathroom downstairs. They tell me they always think they are the drawers that just roll in and no. We have lived here like six years, its the same junky cabinet it has always been, ROLL THEM IN. Oh, and the cereal situation is out of hand. I always try to buy several boxes at a time because we got through a lot and they open everything. They don't open the box nice at all so you can't ever shut the box and they don't roll the bag down so it goes stale. EVERY SINGLE BOX. I have to do another post entirely on the front porch situation but a teaser is we have new windows, including my dining room window. It's really super nice but these styrofoam balls? Are everywhere. I clean them all up, literally not one ball on the floor, and within a few hours my floor is covered again. I have no idea where they are coming from but I've about had it. 
My therapist suggested that in order to combat stress I should try to get back into crafty and art stuff because it also will work that part of my brain. That seems alright so I have been trying. Definitely NOT as easy as it once was and using a ruler is basically out of the question so that's disappointing, but I get it. 
I got all of our school supplies for the three kids who need them. I am mostly done with school clothes shopping except for jeans. We got shoes and gym clothes. I'm not really getting clothes for Penelope and Lucy because they are too little to know the difference and they'll probably just ruin them anyways, plus the clothes they have are pretty dang cute and we've been fortunate to have friends pass clothes onto us, which has been so great. 
Oh, and since Lucy turned three she had to go to the dentist. She was after my appointment, which was horrible and I (no joke) left there with dried blood between all of my teeth. The lady was SO AGGRESSIVE with her spray thing and the floss, it was horrible. I knew it was going to be an experience when she gave me actual goggles to wear. For a cleaning. I'm 37 and I get a cleaning religiously every six months and have countless surgeries and never in all my life have I worn goggles. It was horrible. So Lucy didn't get a cleaning, it's like a "chair ride"/count how many you have thing. Didn't go well,  had to pry her mouth open. I'm not even kidding. 
So I'm over it. You're reading this and I'm on vacation and I'm sure I'll have some stories for you next week for sure. I'm hoping your summer is going better. What's the for sure sign that summer is over for you??


Shooting Stars Mag said...

The cereal box thing kind of cracks me up. Some people just do not know how to handle cereal! It's crazy!! That's awful that it rained so much on the 4th - I'm sorry. Yay for the parents getting umbrellas though. ;) Ooh that dentist appointment sounds awful. Sheesh! Sorry it didn't go to well with Lucy either. I always hated the dentist. haha I hope your vacation is going well!!!


Shann Eva said...

I'm pretty over summer too. I'm ready to get back on the school schedule for sure. My boys leave a trail of mess everywhere they go. We're actually going on vacation in 2 weeks, so I'm anxious to hear about yours. Sorry to hear about the dentist...that sounds terrible.

Beth (Coffee Until Cocktails) said...

I'm kind of with you, this summer hasn't been the greatest and has felt like it's been on fast forward, but it is what it is. I hope your vacation is going well at least!

mypixieblog said...

Omg the cereal box thing—it kind of makes my eyeballs hurt lol. But that’s because I live with someone (ahem. A grown ass man!) who opens several boxes at once and so I’ve stopped buying it. I have a time—finish one and then we open the next. Seems not everyone is on board when this plan lolz

Yes this summer has been kind of a sh*t show. Lots of rain, so much humid. Today will be light on the humidity so I’m going to spend as much time outside as I can. Gotta make it count, however much time we have left!