Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Olivia turns 14... Matt and I feel like senior citizens

I should tell you that our family really doesn't do parties anymore. I'm worn out, it's a lot of work, and we really can't afford to do them. Typically on a birthday we just get our family together and call it good.

This year Olivia asked if she could have a couple of friends over and go to the football game because her birthday landed on a Friday and the high school had a home game. That's pretty inexpensive so I said that would be OK. We arranged for Penelope and Lucy to go to my mom's for the night, I told her she could only have FOUR friends because that's what my vehicle holds, and this is what we'd do. It worked out really well but I know she felt really terrible not being able to invite her entire group, but I can only do what I can do.
First, can we just talk about how grown my baby looks? Also, I never looked this nice at age 14.
Let us just remind ourselves what I was looking like that year. I had cut my own bangs, for god sakes. (Side bar: I absolutely loved that shirt and I refused to feel shame. It was a silky blue color and it was my favorite.)
Trying to keep this production on a tight budget I decided I was going to make the cupcakes myself and save the $40 I would have spent and we'd be OK. My issue with cupcakes is mine all come out a different size, bake unevenly, and it's just the worst. So I found these at Michaels on accident and bought them. I looked online and Amazon sells a set of three, which would be better actually.  Mine only do mini and regular muffins, but the set of three also does the jumbo muffins, and that would be awesome.
My cupcakes baked PERFECTLY and were a breeze to frost. I was so excited that these came out so well. 
I also decided that we would play a game while the food was cooking to keep the girls busy so I bought SO MUCH STUFF that I could use for that plastic wrap ball game. Nail polish, face masks, deodorant, dry shampoo, makeup wipes, nail polish remover, hair ties, bobby pins, fidget cubes, lotion, thinking putty, dominoes, stick on nails, candy, literally anything small that I could use went into this ball.

(Sidebar: do not even TRY to use saran wrap- get yourself the packing stretch film on a stick so you can roll and turn this thing quickly. Saran wrap will make you angry and test your patience and love for your child.) 
I had enough stuff on here that this took them at least a half hour to get through, and they were having such a good time. 
It was also fun to see girls get incredibly aggressive with ripping this stuff and furiously trying to roll a double on the dice so they can rip! I have a friend who no longer fills stockings at Christmas (they have teenagers and adult kids) and they do this instead, it's fun to watch her videos. 
I only managed to get one photo of all the girls together. I need to get better about taking photos because I wish I had more photos of me and my friends hanging out and doing stuff when we were kids. 
We ate our supper and had cupcakes pretty quickly because the game was going to start and that was our entertainment for the rest of the night. 

We moved onto gifts and her friends know her SO WELL. She got tons of her favorite candy and all kinds of stuff that I don't remember at all. Lots of inside jokes that I have no idea about. 
One set of grandparents got her the mouse for her laptop and flute books she wanted and also a jacket she coveted at the store and her grandma drove all the way back just to get it for her. Her other grandparents got her stuff for her room: comforter, flamingo sheets, a new rug, a huge storage box, etc because she wants a teenager room, and that's understandable. 
One of my gifts to her was a box of makeup (this girl has expensive taste), and hair things she wanted, and a curling wand. I also gave her this hand blown glass flamingo she wanted from the St. Louis Zoo. I was able to buy it when we were there and shove it in my shirt to get it back to the car to hide it in my luggage.  We also got her that chair and a flamingo pillow since her other chair ripped and was definitely not fixable.
Her siblings (mostly Jackson, this was all Jackson) got her the prequel book for Riverdale, which is her absolute FAVORITE show ever. Her favorite character is Jughead, which is played by Cole Sprouse, and I fully support that because I also love Cole Sprouse. I'm on the hunt for Jughead/Riverdale stuff and if you know of any- let me know. But he got her a pair of Southside Serpents socks (??) and she lost her crap over those, hedgehog socks, a Riverdale shirt, and something else that I can't remember. He was so excited to give it to her and she loved it.
Then Matt and I took the four girls and our two oldest to a football game. We got ditched almost immediately and only saw them when they wanted snacks. That was OK. It's not cool to hang out with parents, the cool kids stand under bleachers and by concessions and just... stand there, I'm not actually sure.

They had fun. Our team won like 49 to 7 or something like that. It was a great night to be out there and the kids were really good. A little drama towards the end and I'm not sure I even understand it but apparently there was a fight, they witnessed it, had to talk to a principal and cops, I'm not sure.

When we came home I stayed up until midnight with them because they were telling me about the kids at school, their teachers and classes this year, funny stories among their little group of girls, and I sat there thinking Olivia has found herself an amazing group of friends. Every one of these girls are just really, really great, they are all smart and kind, and these are the kind of friends she'll have through high school, maybe even beyond. I really enjoyed all of them and told them they can hang with us any time. I had to go to bed though because I'm old, and I guess they stayed up until 3 a.m. doing hair and makeup on each other.

It's weird for Matt and I to think we're old enough to have a 14 year old, a kid on the edge of high school, but at least we know our kids are pretty alright. They are really good kids and we couldn't be more proud, but knowing they choose solidly good friends reassures us that we have done an OK job so far.

I'm told there is another home game in October and they might want to go. I need to prepare to be up that long again. HA!


Beth (Coffee Until Cocktails) said...

Oh man to be 14 again....

Or not, I wouldn't go back for anything. And I totally had those same bangs as you my friend.

I need to know more about this plastic wrap game, it sounds like it could be fun and hilarious and a nice update to the average dice game.

Happy birthday to your girl!

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Happy Birthday to Olivia. It sounds like she had a fantastic birthday. I don't watch Riverdale, but I love Cole Sprouse, so I understand. ;) I'm so glad she has some amazing friends - that's always good to know. She looks so grown up. I definitely did not look that good at 14 either. However, I like the shirt you are wearing in your photo, so no shame in that game. :)


Shooting Stars Mag said...

p.s. When it comes to finding fandom things, I love Etsy. I looked up Riverdale Jughead and got these results: