Monday, September 9, 2019

Summer 2019 Wrap Up

I can't find the post that was all of our summer bucket list, but I'll tell you we didn't even get half of it done BUT we did a lot of things this summer.

1. Brighton Beach
We loved it there and actually went a few times over the summer to look for beach glass and cool rocks. We might go back one more time before it gets too cold. It's really nice to just sit there.

2. Try New Parks
As it turns out, there are a lot of parks in the Duluth/Superior area that were new to us. So we tried Morely Park in Duluth, that was pretty fun. No shade, but fun. 
We also went to Lester Park and that place was just really gorgeous, we'll definitely go back there as the trees start turning colors.

3. Valleyfair
Matt and I had been there before years ago, Olivia had been there like two years before, but this was new to the rest of the kids. It was a pretty alright day despite the rain, and the kids had a good time. 

That was it for our bucket list. Things that we missed were: Pinehurst Pool, Wilderness Walk (we could still go this fall), SeaQuest in Roseville (we might do this in the winter), Como Zoo, Cascade Bay, Gooseberry Falls (maybe a fall trip), and Amnicon Falls (definitely a fall trip).

The three oldest spent some time at Grandma and Grandpa Strand's house this summer. A couple of weekends (to get Penelope used to being there over night) and then a full week in August for Vacation Bible School. They all had a great time and I'm glad they get to do things like that. Olivia and her friend Ava even went out there for a weekend.
We did Wednesday Night at the Races and we all had a really good time watching Penelope and Lucy run, we had a picnic, and it was a great night out.
We went to Missouri and it was alright. It definitely won't go down as a favorite trip though we all had parts we really liked, but we can say we've seen the state and cross it off our map.
We got the cousins together twice this summer and that was really nice. My goal is to get them together more often but with a five hour distance between us and crazy schedules, it gets tough. 
I got to see my nephew be baptized and he's just the cutest little thing. Penelope is obsessed with him and is convinced the baby is missing her always. 
We had a lot of monarch butterflies to take care of this year. New this year was Penelope and Lucy getting into it and they were in love with every stage of it and were hyper-vigilant at what stage they were in and it was just really fun. This is kind of Olivia's summer thing every year and next year we need a LOT more cages or something to hold them because we had two and they are both in rough shape. 
Jackson and I managed to go to our first Pride Festival in Duluth and that was a fun afternoon for us, and the weather was perfect.

Olivia was a part of the Junior Curator program for our local Bong Memorial Museum and she learned and interviewed a veteran and made a display and ended up on the news. The kids hung out with friends, we caught every single ice cream truck Friday, I read a lot of books, I tried to cook from recipes again (but failed miserably.. ha!), Matt worked a lot but made time to hang out with us some, I had a lot of doctor appointments, we went through a LOT of snacks, and we did a lot of home improvement things that didn't give us room to do more.

And that's OK. It was a pretty great summer.

Now we're heading into fall and dare I organize a fall bucket list? I might. I just might get crazy and do that.

How was your summer? Was there something you wish you had done that you just didn't get to?


Beth (Coffee Until Cocktails) said...

I'd say you did quite a few fun things this summer! Our summer was just so/so. We went on vacation but didn't accomplish much else which bums me out a bit. But I love Fall so I'm all in and just might make a Fall bucket list, we'll see how I feel!

Shooting Stars Mag said...

I never made it to the drive-in, and I'm bummed about that. It's still open for a bit, so maybe it can be a Fall thing. We'll see. I do bucket lists for every season, so you should definitely do one for Fall. Even if you miss things, it's still fun to check off one or two. It sounds like you had a pretty good summer overall though - and omg, that picture of Penelope and the butterfly is BEAUTIFUL. Like, print that and frame it.


Constant Craving said...

I am so happy for Jackson that he has a mom who would bring him to a Pride event! You are wonderful, Sara, and I am incredibly impressed. I’m 62 and the world has truly changed for all of us. Thank you, thank you for making your son feel safe and loved!! He is so lucky.