Monday, September 16, 2019

Three Things

I would absolutely have a Weight Loss post for you but I spent the weekend far away from home and I ate a lot of candy corn this week. Not sorry. BUT! I did make the appointment for the weight loss doctor but it isn't until December. A week before my appointment I have to do fasting labs and they told me to bring a snack and/or juice because they take a lot of blood and I might get woozy, so I guess it's nice to be warned. I'm curious to see what they'll see.

Full confession, I'm stealing this from Emily at The Emi Times, who stole this from Steph at Life According to Steph.

I absolutely love doing these questionnaires because I always hope someone else will do them, too. I like to learn random things about people from this kind of thing so if you come across a really good one, let me know and I'll play along!

Three movies I've watched more than 20 times:
1. Pirate Radio
2. The Money Pit
3. Christmas Vacation

Three things I don't do:
1. Drink any kind of alcohol... ever
2. Eat vegetables like I should (I pretty much avoid them as much as possible)
3. Go outside at night (if I have to it's literally a short run into a building or car and I feel like I'm going to be murdered the entire time)

Three things I'm always up for doing:
1. Going to a concert
2. Going to a movie
3. Going book shopping

Three good things that happened this month:
1. School started for all FOUR kids
2. I got lots of books in the mail for review
3. I've made it to every appointment and meeting I was supposed to (so far)

Three things I'm tired of:
1. Politics- I'm really weary and we're still in primaries
2. Doctor appointments
3. Adulting

Three things I'll never tire of:
1. Books and reading
2. Naps
3. Warm breezy days in the summer

Three things I like to photograph:
1. Books
2. My kids
3. Water

Three things I can't resist:
1. The beach
2. Books
3. Popcorn

Anything surprising? Probably not, I'm pretty open on this blog so you likely know all of this already.


Shooting Stars Mag said...

I like these type of posts too. I don't drink alcohol either, I'm always happy about books and book shopping, I love concerts, and I love going to the movies. :-) Oh and popcorn is addicting.


Anthea said...

Oh my goodness I LOVE Christmas vacation. I have seen it SO many times and I laugh out loud everytime.
Wait, aren't you the blogger with the "why is the carpet wet?" sweater? LOVE IT.
The long suffering wife is just SO brilliant (in each of the movies).

Yes to book shopping :)

Beth (Coffee Until Cocktails) said...

LOL, books for the win! I love books too. And I'm so tired of politics already too. It's going to be a long year to 2020.

San said...

I am so tired of politics, so very tired... but I am hoping for a miracle.

It's refreshing to hear that someone else doesn't drink alcohol. I mean, it's not a rule I live by and I have had a glass of wine or a cocktail before, but it's nothing I ever crave or really enjoy.

Kim {Hope Whispers} said...

Im so doing this. My brain has just not been working so there are crickets on my blog. My menus are almost always up though. Otherwise all hell will break loose. A bigger hell? LOL . When my little one left home and started school I thought I would be sad. I was the first year but only because he hated school and every morning was a tear filled struggle but I learned to LOVE IT! Also naps are life. Thats going on my list for sure too hahah. Heres to kicking this weeks ass! Boom!

Emily said...

Love these posts. I'm so tired of politics too. I love shopping for books. I really need to eat more vegetables.