Friday, October 25, 2019

Fall Fun: Boo at the Zoo and Burch Barn

I really love summer, but fall is my second favorite season. I think because some of my favorite things to do as a family happen in the fall. It's certainly not the damn weather. Where we live Boo at the Zoo is a big event so they hold it over two weekends. Without fail, one weekend is really gorgeous and the other is absolute crap, and you don't know which will be which so you have to block off both Saturdays on your calendar because it's going to be a fast decision the morning of. The first weekend this year was awful and that was my preferred weekend but we didn't go. And thank god because this past Saturday was so nice and almost 60 degrees so I'm glad we held out.

We always try to get there right as it opens because parking gets dicey but also we seem to finish at lunch time and it's always just worked out for us.
Penelope at first wanted to be Bo Peep (from Toy Story) but then decided (before I bought the Bo Peep costume, thankfully) she wanted to be Wonder Woman. The day that I went to buy her costume was when Walmart was just getting them out so I found one for $29 and it was alright but not... great. It just felt really cheap. I also was looking for zip up sweatshirts so I'm looking around the clothes and found this dress. WITH a cape AND a crown thingie. For $10. It's so much nicer and can be an everyday outfit, which she's completely excited about. 
Lucy didn't like anything at the store so knowing that I had to order Olivia's, I started looking for some ideas for Lucy. I gave her a choice between a rabbit, a pumpkin, or a parrot. She immediately picked the bird because it had a tail. That was literally her only draw. She has practiced shaking her tail feather and flapping her wings. It is hilarious. 
Olivia is doing a couple's costume with her best friend Ava, so she is Tweedle Dee and Ava is Tweedle Dum and the costumes are kind of dorky and adorable. Jackson was originally going to be Two Face but that costume was either way too big or way too small, so he ended up going as a Headless Horseman. 
I'm really glad I ended up wearing a coat because I always forget that once you get into the zoo it's like a giant bowl so the wind isn't fun in some areas. 
The kids get to trick or treat all over the place and the big kids are really good about taking the littles with them and helping them with the whole process. This year both Penelope and Lucy said trick or treat and thank you, so that was nice. Lucy actually says "trick or treat, knock knock" so she's a little mixed up but I didn't correct her because it's hilarious. 
Also cool was having all of the animals awake and moving around. We had a great time checking all of the exhibits out. Penelope and Lucy are convinced this bird was trying to feed them grubs. 
Matt told them that this is called a spider monkey. Penelope and Lucy believe it's real, so I'm sure they are going to tell people. Just like when he convinced Olivia and Jackson that they have invisible donkeys at the zoo. I don't think they got it until years later.

After the zoo we had lunch and decided it was too nice to stay in the house so we got gas and drove all the way to Spooner, Wisconsin because there is a super fun place called The Burch Barn. It's in a family's yard, it's their actual yard/farm, and we've gone three or four years in a row now. 
Olivia and Jackson ditched us immediately to go to the corn maze, and Matt lifted Penelope and Lucy onto hay bales to go down a slide so many times- his arms probably were sore the next day. 
I'm trying to convince him to put one of these makeshift slides in out yard but he isn't convinced. 
They absolutely love it. They would have done this the entire day if we let them. 
We also went over to the petting area and got to see some pigs fight over corn cobs or something, a couple of cows sleeping, we pet a sheep, and of course- we pet goats. It's not a good picture but you can clearly see the absolute joy Lucy had. JOY, you guys. I added it to the list of reasons why we should get a goat.

Matt still does not agree. 
They also have this really large corn pit area to play in and both Penelope and Lucy spend a ton of time in here too. 
I almost forgot to take our picture but I snapped one before we left the corn pit area, which is apparently the tradition. 
It was really hard to get them out of the corn pit once they discovered they could bury each other but the draw was spinning in a big wheel. 
Of course, it's not a wheel, but they kept calling it a wheel and that's fine. We  made Jackson go with Lucy since she's lighter and he's smaller and it started off strong. 
Somehow on the turn around Lucy gave up and became absolute dead weight and Jackson had to do everything himself, which is apparently harder when your partner chooses to just lay there. 
Olivia was certain that Penelope would rock at this, and so they started running. Penelope quickly fell and started going on all fours. 
Which wasn't helpful because then Olivia kept going down and laughing the entire way. They were incredibly slow and it was pretty funny to watch. 
Every year I try to get a picture of all of us, but I forgot a selfie stick and I hate asking people to take a picture, so this year I opted for a kids only photo on a giant pumpkin. Which was cool but took a TON of tries. Every single one was a variation of this. Terrible. And Penelope's face was summing up how we all felt about it. And then.

It was literally a second in time.
All four kids looked at me the same time. THE SAME TIME. I am so glad I snapped this one at that exact second because this might be my current favorite picture of them.

I don't know what else we'll get to do this fall. I wanted to go on a woods walk and pick leaves but that's kind of out since we have a lot of rainy and cold days in the forecast. I might just call this good and wait for Christmas now.


Shooting Stars Mag said...

Aw, sounds like such a fun day! I love all their costumes. And omg, that picture of all the kids is amazing. Like, print that and frame it. SO GOOD.


Lecy | A Simpler Grace said...

Oh my gosh, they are so cute in their costumes! I love all the fun activities that happen in this season. :)