Monday, October 14, 2019

We don't even have Fendi coats.

So waaaaaay back this spring I heard that 5 Seconds of Summer were going on tour with The Chainsmokers. I'm not real familiar with either (I mean, if a song comes on the radio I know it's them and can sing along but tell me to name five songs of theirs and I can't.), but I know Olivia liked them, and I knew she had a friend that really liked them. These girls are the best and when I say they work hard and are good people? I'm not kidding. I thought it would be a cool reward to buy tickets for them to see it, and I would take them. I got the OK from her friend's parents and they had to wait months before we could go but when school started this year they had a little countdown going.

The day of was super rainy and I was happy it was on a Saturday because I figured they could kind of rest up on Sunday so they wouldn't be slugs at school. The drive down was fine until we were maybe 40 miles away. The patch of construction wasn't even a city block long but the hold up was everyone's inability to zipper merge.
They absolutely could not do it. If you don't understand the whole zipper merge concept, alright. But if for 30 miles you see cars in one lane moving over, wouldn't you move over? If you knew you were scared to zipper merge, why would you not just get over when there is a gap? Instead they panic and start to come over, get scared and go back, realize the merge is coming, and they just FREEZE and suddenly we're all at a dead stop because you can't drive.

Needless to say we didn't get dinner. Instead, we ate concession food which is so unreasonably expensive. 
Also, it appears none of us brought jackets and I'm just grateful the rain had let up because I also had no umbrella, not that you could even bring on in anyways. 
I also got them shirts and they wore them to school on Monday because they are the cutest girls in the whole world. 
The opening act was Lennon Stella (??) and I don't know who that is but she sounded like every pop star that doesn't quit get a one hit wonder and you never hear of again. 5 Seconds of Summer were actually really good.
I was really surprised how empty the floor was though. I've never been to a concert with that huge of a space. They played all of their hits that I recognized, a few that I didn't but I liked, and they were really entertaining guys in general. I would see them again live. 
The Chainsmokers were next and I didn't really understand why they were the headliner because I thought they actually sucked. Of course 5 Seconds of Summer came out to do the song they collaborated on (hence my post title... which makes sense if you've heard that song)
My first thought was this was a couple of brothers from college who sleep with different women every day, do drugs because they can "handle it", throw parties, and are general douchebags. Honestly, nothing in their set made me change my mind but I left there thinking these guys are so full of themselves and are absolute douchebags. If  my daughter brought a guy like this home I would be so incredibly disappointed. I'm not kidding.

That's how I know I'm a mom, now.

I think the girls had a good time at the concert anyways, and we had a pretty good drive back. I don't remember on what part of Hwy 35 we were that we started seeing a LOT of emergency lights and started passing several police and state patrol, ambulances, a fire truck, and traffic heading south was stopped for miles. They had to have been stopped for a really long time and we couldn't see what happened but I assumed it was a bad car accident. Well, it was, but a man who was struck after walking in the middle of the road died. I just feel awful not just for the victim, but the two drivers that hit him but also all of those people who (eventually) had to drive by the area. Just sad all the way around.

I'm hoping to do another concert with the girls soon, I had a good time with them. I really love Olivia's friends and I love hearing their perspective on things at school and getting to know them as people. It seems like all of her friends come from different family backgrounds and I really love it because I think we benefit the most when the people we spend time with aren't all the same. I'm also thrilled she makes great choices in friends and that she has a good group, it makes me worry less, that's for sure!

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Shooting Stars Mag said...

I feel like 5 Seconds of Summer opened up for One Direction when I saw them live, but I don't know for sure. I would like to see them again - so I'm glad they put on a good show. I love that Olivia has great friends and that they're not all the same cookie-cutter version of everyone else. Always good. ;) Super sad about the man who was killed though. Sheesh!