Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Christmas: I Can't Quit You

I know, you're firmly onto week two of not starting your New Year's resolutions and you're like, "Sara- Christmas is over!". That's true, but I didn't even show you our Christmas yet! 

On Christmas Eve we always go to my in-laws home because that's when they traditionally celebrate. It's always worked out nice because my family was a Day group and they were Eve. Handy. 
We packed up the car, and Twinky decked out in his festive sweater, and off we went!  
 We ended up getting a really good picture of all four kids and I love this one so much. 
 Lucy goes right to the three season porch and finds toys her daddy, uncle, and aunt played with. She brought a baby with her but found another one and a small rocking chair. She was basically in heaven the entire time. 
 Twinky made himself right at home at Grandma's. He was completely thrilled to see Pa Fred (they're best friends) and Hank (an actual big dog who tolerates Twinky).
 Lucy has literally only asked for a cat piano ALL year and her face when she opened this was priceless! Grandma got the right one and I'm not kidding you, she plays for us every day. Several times. And lucky us it comes with a microphone! 

After hanging out there, having dinner, and opening presents, we drove back home just in time for bed. 
 Christmas Eve tradition is to open one present, but it's always pajamas and a robe/blanket. Olivia and Jackson were thrilled with theirs. Once we explained that you can wear the blanket on  your head, Penelope and Lucy got into it as well. They lucked out and got these, huge blankets that roll into pillows, and Grandma got them sleeping bags, so their bedding this year is completely set!
 I had to stay up to play Santa. I also fell in the secret closet and kind of sort of peed my pants because I was laughing too hard. 

Also, I didn't think about the incredibly small space I would have if I put the tree in this corner and not move the small loveseat to the other side of the room. So I had to pile everything in the front because that was the only space there was. I'm going to try to find another tree location next year. 
 Filled the stockings. Actually Matt did because while Matt and Jackson have knitted stockings which are stretchy, the girls all have quilted ones that are narrow and no stretch. I forget this EVERY SINGLE YEAR when I get stocking stuffers. Every year. So Matt really crammed things in there so this is all him. 
 He also decided this year to cover their bedroom doors with wrapping paper. He enjoyed this far too much and ended up putting extra packing tape on Olivia and Jackson's doors so if they tried to push through, they couldn't. They ended up crawling through small spaces at the bottom. 
 We're lucky because our kids got up around 8 a.m., I got ready for the day, and then we came down at 9 to open presents. It was pretty great. 
 We got Olivia and Jackson new backpacks that they wanted, both were thrilled. Clearly. 
 Penelope got a Myla the Unicorn and was completely excited about it. 
 Lucy is obsessed with baby dolls so we got her this one not realizing it's a bath tub one but we're not putting in the tub. Ew. 

That weekend we went to my mom and dad's house to hang out with them, and my brother and his family came up. 
 Lots of fun getting all of the kids together. 
 Lucy wanted to open every toy while Penelope wanted to rip paper off of toys and kept asking where more were. So... when the pile ran out she got a little testy. I'm pretty sure several days of no nap and staying up caught up to her. 
But she did enjoy playing in the cat tree. She had the best time playing with that thing. Go figure. 

So Christmas is done. Everything is put away, tree is down, garbage is handled, toys are put away. I had a good Christmas, I ended up getting the mop and bucket I wanted, an iPad, Fitbit, new underwear (necessity since the dog constantly chews mine because he's stupid), shoes, and books. I had a really good Christmas. I even got the best note from Jackson that is totally going in my forever box. 

What was your favorite thing from Christmas? 


Shooting Stars Mag said...

I'm glad you had a nice Christmas! Your dog is so cute, and I love his little sweater. It sounds like you got some awesome presents, and the kids too. Love it!! That's really cute about putting wrapping paper on their doors - good idea. You definitely have to keep doing that.

I love that Penelope likes playing with the cat tower. LOL That's too cute. My family does Christmas Eve too, which works out for my brother because his wife's family always does Christmas Day. I had a pretty good Christmas this year, which was nice, since my mental health isn't always that great. Got some fun gifts too - like the illustrated Goblet of Fire and a Harry Potter sweatshirt. And you know, non - HP gifts too. haha



Kim {Hope Whispers} said...

Love all the pictures! Covering their doors is genius! Christmas was so much more fun when my boys were littler and loved toys. Lol. Now its all electronics and expensive clothes and shoes. Of all the things we got them, hover balls from the dollar store were their favorite. And because they are boys they were broke in less than a week. Happy New Year!

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Looks like you had a good Christmas just like I did as well

Renae Strand said...

Thanks for the pictures. They are always fun. Sealing the doors is a stroke of genius! That will be talked about and remembered for years! You both are very creative “elves” at this time of year! 💕💕💕💕mrenaestrand@gmail.com

Lecy | A Simpler Grace said...

Great photos from your family gatherings! Christmas comes so quickly every year, I say enjoy it as long as you like! :)