Monday, February 17, 2020

Bursting with love.

Anyone with a calendar or sense of time knows that Friday was Valentine's Day, and while a lot of cynical people call it a Hallmark holiday or a commercial scam, I disagree. I love Valentine's. Winter really sucks and after Christmas it feels like a really long haul until the next thing to celebrate, so Valentine's comes at the perfect time. More importantly though, at least where I live, seasonal depression is almost at peak performance in February/March and we all are a little down in the dumps, so it always encourages me to put a little effort in and someone I love them. I always tell them, but sometimes its really nice to get a treat, too.

Fight me.

Lucky for me, Friday I was in a pretty OK mood. I wasn't too depressed, it at least felt manageable, and I was looking forward to the day. I'm still a little sore from surgery, so it wasn't like I was moving fast, but I was able to get around enough to pick up the house a little bit. Matt's gift was going to be some of his favorite snacks to munch on at work or when he was playing his computer or video games, but also, I wanted the house to feel cleaned up for him.

Definitely a rarity in the last three years because I physically can't do it like it should be done but also mentally I can't always put the tasks in motion. So, I sometimes can't think of what steps you take to do that and/or if I get that worked out, its like I can't start them. Kind of like a CD skipping. (Yes, I realize some of you youngsters have no idea about the concept of a CD skipping but I'm going to pretend you do.)

The kids all had school, and while the big kids don't do anything awesome at school now that they are in middle school, Penelope and Lucy do and they were SO excited about it. Matt and I took on a craft project to make these little paper plate heart pouches for Penelope's class so the kids could decorate and they were really cute.
She was literally BURSTING to open everything when she got home, and that's what she did. She only got a few candies but most everyone gave a non-food item and I thought that was really cool. 
In Lucy's class they weren't allowed to give a food item at all, which was totally fine because she was THRILLED with her goodies. They decorated a box and she was pretty proud of hers. 
I always get the kids a little treat, not a present or anything. For the little girls I ended up getting them a little painting craft, a box of gummy hearts, and a tube of M&M's, nothing crazy. 
While I was helping them organize their classroom cards, I got a delivery of flowers from Matt! I really love flowers and these smell so good
The big kids came home from school and I had gotten them a bag of Hershey Kisses, a tube of Sweet Tarts, and a box of Slim Jim's because they fight over them in the snack bucket so they have their own box and I'm sure they are gone by now. HA!

Olivia had a couple of friends stay over and she had bought them some Valentine goodies with her own money, but I had purchased a bunch of Valentine themed goodies for them to snack on all night.

Matt played his video games, I finished a book, and overall it was a nice night in. Matt and I are not the ones to fight crowds on a holiday just to go on a date, but I'm hoping we can go on one soon!

What did you do on Valentine's Day? Do you like to go on a date or spend the night in?


mypixieblog said...

Omg your kiddos are all so stinking cute I can’t stand it ❤️ And I love that the older ones fight over slim Jim’s and so you bought them each their own. So thoughtful! We’re not big on the holiday here either, but we do little things day of. This year bryan got me a Matt and Nat vegan diaper bag which I thought was so cool and I got him these baby yoda cookies a woman who lives locally made. We ordered takeout from our favorite vegan restaurant and then we watched a Marriage Story which is pretty much the most unromantic movie you can watch together but it was really good!!

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Aw, I'm glad you had a nice Valentine's Day. It's always exciting to have little kids around because they tend to get so into it. I love that Olivia bought her friends Valentine's with her own money for the sleepover. That's really sweet of her. My mom used to do little gifts like this for certain holidays - it was always really nice; just a little something. :) I went out to eat with my mom and sister but I didn't feel well so I went to bed super early. haha