Friday, February 14, 2020

The Mom Uber

I knew when I had kids I would be driving around a lot, but I also didn't consider that having four kids means that I would be putting on ridiculous mileage on my vehicle. February has been crazy for our schedule but March is going to be even worse between traveling for school, traveling for dance, and our regular weekly activities. I almost never get supper anymore. Which is kind of fine because I no longer get hungry around then anyways so its kind of worked out.

Olivia has officially registered for high school. She was pretty nervous when it was first happening but now that she did the online registration, she seems OK with it. I'm not sure how you tell a kid who wants scholarships and a degree that takes a long time and costs a lot of money, that high school is really important for her. Your grades matter, your effort matters. I got good grades and I made real effort but I also didn't have high hopes for myself after it and frankly, its kind of a miracle I did anything. It's not like I really had any kind of guidance helping me. But I'm trying to balance helping/guiding her and having her learn to take on the stuff on her own at the same time. 
She was on the fence about doing band in high school and I told her it would be completely up to her. We bought her flute so the deal was she would have to play all through middle school, and she has. The eighth graders got to play with the high school pep band earlier this month just to see what its like (since high school band functions differently than their current class) and she loved it. She had a lot of fun (and sounded good, too!) so she signed up for band in ninth grade. I think shes going to do really well.

Olivia has done Forensics every year of middle school but this year since Jackson is at the middle school he decided to join as well. They ended up combining both groups and writing their own piece for Readers Theater. 
It was called Who Killed Nancy? and it was about the mysterious seventh person in their group, Nancy, who didn't show up for Forensics because she died after being pushed down some stairs. Super uplifting, right? HA! 
It was actually really good, and funny, and they received all A's, which means they can go to the Level 2 competition later this month. Or March. I can't remember. It'll be a fun experience for them and I'm glad Jackson tried something new.
Lucy has been doing really well in speech and she's thankfully gotten over the nonstop illness she's been dealing with for a few weeks. She is such a goofy little kid, its hard not to have a good time with her. 
Penelope and Lucy wrote out their own Valentine's Day cards and whoa.... that is an exercise of patience. It really is. Lucy can write the L-U but C-Y? Nope. Cannot do it. It's like her brain just stops, so that's really strange. Penelope can do hers just fine, in all capital letters though, and she has so many E's that she gets mixed up. Now I feel bad for giving a kid such a long name. I don't think I put much thought into learning how to write it. Whoops.

All of the girls are still in dance so Mondays and Wednesdays I'm driving back and forth. I enjoy leaving the house and interacting with adults, and watching my girls dance each week, but sometimes I wish I could walk outside and not freeze. Or sit in my car, reclined, and listen to a podcast or something. The dance season always feels so short and we're done in May so I'm going to just enjoy my weekly outings, even if it does require gas like you wouldn't believe.

I can understand now why parents of new drivers are excited to get them on the road, because by then you're just over it. You're sick of hauling everyone else's kids, you're sick of running to school, waiting in the pickup line watching everyone drive at their absolute worst because they somehow think they're the only ones with a life waiting for them.

Even better when it all keeps going even if your stomach still hurts post surgery and you just feel down on life.


Tonight though I have two of Olivia's friends coming to hang out with her and that'll be fun. I'm glad she has really nice friends because its never a big deal when they come. I got a little treat for all four of my kids for Valentine's and I bought an abundance of Valentine themed treats for the sleep over so I'll try to take some pictures and share next week.

What are YOU doing for Valentine/s?

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Shooting Stars Mag said...

You are definitely very busy!!
I'm excited to see all the Valentine's treats next week though. I hope you have a good night, and that's great Olivia has such great friends.