Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Basements are the worst.

I'll try to give you a post later this week about what life is like doing "distance learning" with four kids indefinitely in 1600 square feet, but today? Today we talk about basements.

The basement we have at new house is great; in fact, we're building my office/craft/library room right now and we're sleeping in the main bedroom, which is down there.

I'm talking about the basement at our old house. That, too, is great. The basement itself is great but has even more potential to be amazing if someone has the time to get it finished and make it another living space. I mean, SO MUCH POTENTIAL.

The problem with that basement is its size. The house itself was 2180 square feet so you can see how much we've gone down already, and for a family of six that has been substantial. We're making tough choices and getting rid of things. A lot of things. I'm having to get creative with storage. Our closet for instance, I can have my things hanging but Matt will have to have his stuff folded. Ideal? Not really, but is it a crisis? No.

I knew emptying the basement was going to be a chore but I wasn't really aware until we moved everything else to New House and realized we have NO room and we still had an entire basement, shed, and garage to move.

I mean, after already getting rid of half that we owned and used daily, seeing how much stuff was left to go was daunting.

Naturally, we saved those spaces for last like the mature adults that we are.

Our goal is to have the house completely empty and cleaned out before we list, so now that we are out of room at New House we were down to option 1, rent a storage unit or option 2, rent a storage container. We opted for option 2 for cost reasons and Matt found a huge, 20 ft shipping container that goes on ships, for about $90/month.

I'm telling you, we have a lot of stuff.

Specifically, I take holiday decorating seriously and you will have to pry my outdoor illumination from my dead hands.

Saturday Matt and I started moving it. I wish we had moved more on Sunday but the weather was crap and we still have my office downstairs to work on so we (and I really mean Matt) is spread thin. I'm hoping to go to the other house sometime this week in the evening and maybe start cleaning each room one by one, maybe do some painting in a few areas. We'll have to clean all of the floors, replace carpet in one bedroom.

We also have to hope the weather warms up so we can get yard items unfrozen from the ground.

We only managed to get half of the basement items out and while it looks like progress, I know we have so much more to go. The container is filling up, and its hard to get Matt to make concessions and part with things. I will admit he made a garbage pile and that's great but there is still so much that needs to go. I don't know if he's emotionally ready to let go of a lot in the garage that we absolutely do not need.

Moving is such an absolute JOB and while technically we are only here five years, I'd really like this to be our last move. I just truly can't imagine doing this all again. It would be nice if we can get ourselves into a position to purchase this house.

Let's just hope Old House sells quickly.

On the BRIGHT SIDE, the best way to not be bored during a pandemic quarantine is to move! Truly, I am doing something nonstop every day so I haven't had a lot of time to watch the news or be completely overwhelmed with boredom. I've had a few days things have gotten a little nuts around here, and I resorted to watching Tiger King on Netflix like everyone else, but I've tried hard to stay busy.

How are YOU staying busy?


Divya @ EatTeachBlog said...

My family on the east coast has a basement and I was always so jealous that the kids got this secret hideaway! I can see how I'd likely use it now - as an adult - to just store stuff which can be a pain! Good luck with the moving! We are also moving in June so should probably take advantage of this time to pack some boxes!

mypixieblog said...

Best of luck with the move! And yea I imagine that’s gotta occupy a lot of time (and holy cow, is it stressful to move, eh??). I hope you’re settling into your new home and enjoying the new space/making it your own. It’s gotta be hard to still have to go through the old and put things in a storage container, etc. best of luck getting everything situated and remember—one day at a time.

Uhm. Tiger King. We’re watching this epic sh*t show too. Cannot get enough! Lol

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Yeah, moving during quarantine probably does keep you crazy busy - which can be nice in a way. LOL I hope that you can find things to get rid of, since I'm sure that's tough, but obviously needed. Good luck with the rest of the move!


Lecy | A Simpler Grace said...

I can't imagine how stressful it is to be moving during this chaos. I hope you guys are finished and settled soon!