Wednesday, April 1, 2020

I was not meant to be a teacher.

I know I'm not alone, many states have a shelter in place, which is leaving a lot of us left to do "distance learning". I know a lot of people get angry when we call it homeschooling but at this point, I don't actually care.

The fact is, I have a list of lesson plans I have to get through with a three and a four year old (separate plans) and I am burned out. Totally burned out, and I'm only a week and a half in.

First up, Target came in for the win with their dry erase workbooks that conveniently right as shelter in place orders started coming out. 

I see you, Target. 
They don't hold interest for a long time, but they ARE a great time buster while they wait for lunches or when I have to talk a dang shower. 
The downside is Penelope's class doesn't have as many things because she's already at Kindergarten skill level so she's pretty solid. Normally this is GREAT news, but she gets pretty upset when Lucy has stuff to do and she doesn't. Lucy's teacher delivered a bag of activities for the next month plus puts videos and quick activities on the SeeSaw app (which is GREAT). 
I've had a hard time finding things to do with Penelope. I feel really overwhelmed to be honest. I can barely take care of myself, let alone four kids AND try to educate them. 
Some days are good. We've had two really good days during this time. A really good day means everyone listens, everyone helps out, I feel generally well and I don't hurt all over, the littles take a nap, etc. 
A bad day, for example, end in this by breakfast time. We've have a lot more of these kind of days. I think part of it is the disruption of their routine, some of it is them missing their friends, some of it is the fact its still cold out and frankly, being trapped in the house. 
We had one really nice day so I had the big kids make a sensory path on the sidewalk. Unfortunately, Penelope was the only one who knew what to do and Lucy just scribbled with chalk on her own. 
 Some days we don't even get dressed. I do because if I don't its like the precursor of a depression spiral, so I make sure to get dressed and try to look like I care everyday.
Lucy is OBSESSED with the SeeSaw app her teacher uses. Every day her teacher puts videos on there for the kids and gives them activities to do. This week there was a video about movement (the theme this week is "All About You") and Lucy had a great time doing all of them. 
I guess at this point I really need help. What do I do for Penelope? She's going to be 5 in a few weeks and incredibly smart. I have limited access to my crafty things and I'm overwhelmed easily. This is totally daunting and the possibility that we'll be out the rest of the year? It sucks.

How are you handling quarantine and social distancing?

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Shooting Stars Mag said...

Hey Sara! I think it's awesome that Lucy's teacher does so much for her students and brings over supplies. That's a bummer that Penelope doesn't also have that. I know you said she's going to be five soon, so I don't know if she's kindergarten level or still preschool but I looked at Pinterest and tried to find some free printables and stuff like that that maybe Penelope would be interested in?

If you need picture books, or easy crafts for the kiddoes, let me know, and I'd be happy to send stuff!!