Tuesday, June 16, 2020

I am not a teacher, but they all made it.

The biggest change during the COVID-19 pandemic hasn't been the isolation or the masks, it was home schooling. 

Once upon a time I toyed with the idea of going back to school to become a teacher and boy am I glad that I chickened out. It turns out I have zero patience for people who don't just get it and that's ironic because if anyone doesn't get it immediately (ever), it is 100% me. 

Fortunately Olivia and Jackson checked out chromebooks from school before spring break because they listened to messages before the end of the day and actually followed directions. Thankfully. They ended up being mostly independent and didn't really need much help from Matt or I. Their classes were held once a week basically (so one subject every day) which was kind of lame and only two of their teachers seem to actually be teaching something like... new material. The best was Olivia's eighth grade social studies teacher who is AMAZING. She turned a lot of the lessons around and had them applying current events and making comparisons and I thought it was great. Easily one of the best teachers she's had at the middle school. That one and her seventh grade math teacher- patience of a SAINT. 

Anyways, I managed to get the younger two through 4K and pre-school with zero help from Matt, so that was fun. Of course when you ask him the home school stuff wasn't a big deal but disregard his opinion completely because he couldn't tell you what any of the kids even had to do. The little girls were pretty bummed to not say goodbye to their teachers and I was pretty sad too; they were so great to our family and I know how hard they worked to get the kids through. 
Penelope ended up drawing a picture for her teacher (Mrs. Miller) on the back of a picture she colored.
She officially graduated preschool and was pretty excited about it. Her teacher and her husband (who all the kids knew from class) stopped by with her certificate and she was pretty shy but she's shown everyone who has come over. 
Olivia is officially done with eighth grade and is going to be at the high school next year. I'm not even ready for it and I know the next four years are going to fly by. I'm so excited for her and sad for me, but I'm also happy because I feel like all of the work Matt and I have put into raising her is starting to show and I'm just proud of her. She started her first job this summer (at Matt's work) and she's saving for her first car. She was accepted into the Upward Bound program through UW-Superior, which is basically a college prep program that lasts all four years. They are two weeks into it and she loves it. She's staying on top of her classes and participating in everything she can. She's a busy gal!
Jackson is officially done with sixth grade and the idea he's already mid-way through middle school is too much. I hope he does OK at middle school by himself, and I'm sure he will, but I'm a worrier and I worry all the time about all of the kids so here I am. Worrying. He has started mowing the lawn for cash because he's wanting a little financial independence like Olivia, so that's working out for Matt because he doesn't not like mowing the lawn so much. He helps me a LOT with the little girls since Olivia is either in class or at work all of the time. Today he played in the pool with them, he helps make lunches, and deal with the dog. In the few times I've had to run to the post office or a doctor appointment I've been able to leave them with him and he does a great job. 
I didn't get a great photo of Lucy, but she too finished school! She was in a 3K program and speech therapy and this kiddo worked so hard all year. She's my nature girl and she's forever looking for "nature things" for her bucket. She plays quietly on her own a lot but joins in with whatever Penelope is doing. She's my rule follower. She seems to have regressed a little in speech and writing her name so we are going to keep up with her writing practice over the summer. She's the one who gives up easily but loves praise. I think she's going to do so well in 4K next year. 

Our summer is in full swing here. Our summer road trip is officially cancelled because I think we all know my lucky is ridiculously awful so we aren't even going to chance it. We have some yard things to keep us busy and we might do some things locally (like... hikes and stuff), we'll see. I know I'm going to read quite a bit, so expect some reviews soon. 

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Why Girls Are Weird said...

Nicely done Sara! I can't imagine being a kid OR a mom during these super weird times. It has to be such a struggle.