Monday, July 27, 2020

Weekend Wrap: Backpacks, Heat, Numbers

Phew, was it hot where you lived this weekend? It was HOT here. Like uncomfortably so and I say that as a snob who now lives somewhere with central air. In my head I know we've lived without this for all of time but now that we've experienced it I don't think I can go back. 

I also know I will never move somewhere that humidity is a year round thing because no. Absolutely not. 

Despite the heat, I felt productive at least. 
I spent some time at Target trying to find my vitamins, and I forget that they don't care them yet I go there EVERY MONTH looking for them. It angers me Walmart is the only one who has them at not $20/bottle but here we are. 


I buy a little school stuff at a time so it doesn't make me cry at the end. This year I decided Penelope and Lucy would get a new backpack so that their old one could be used as a travel bag, thus saving me from emptying it out at 7:30 in the morning on a Monday because its loaded with treasures and rocks from Grandma's. I also realized with the new school structure both Penelope and Lucy would be eating lunch at school so new lunch boxes were purchased. 
Speaking of backpacks, I mentioned it on Instagram but I am that mean mom who will buy a back pack and it better last all of elementary school. I just can't see a reason to buy one every year, the kids know that it is their responsibility to take care of their things because you can just as soon carry stuff without a bag. The cost of back packs seems a bit ridiculous. I mean, almost $50?? Is this just what things costs now? I spent $20 for each bag and that felt ridiculous. I must be getting old because I'm getting cheaper and cheaper. 
Matt helped me grocery shop, too. I hate grocery shopping but Matt picks out the wrong thing or the most expensive thing, and I'm a control freak. I prefer having someone with me because I get easily disoriented and confused, I'll forget stuff, and it seems like when that happens I get SO tired, like I'm too tired to function. It's weird and inconvenient. So he helped and we came home and had s'mores. 
Lucy found one of her most favorite books ever and we've read it. A LOT. DON'T PUSH THE BUTTON is a super fun read and she loves it even though she knows most of the words without me. The cutest part is she always says "boop" when she pushes the button. 
Oh yes, we bought a shed. It came in. Matt has to build it. Ladies, get you a guy who can build stuff. It's so handy. We had a shed at our old house but it was a part of the sale, and the garage here is small, so we needed something to put bikes and all of the outdoor play things, chairs, etc. You know, the bulky things that make getting a snowblower out in the winter tricky. We pulled a permit, found a shed, and once its done we'll paint it to match. I'll paint, I think I can do that without messing it up. 
Olivia has been home because Matt has been home (they work together) so its been nice to have an unplanned long weekend. Clearly Twinky was living his best life with his girl. 
It got too hot outside for me so I came in and decided I was going to finish up some stuff on my table. I stopped for an M&M break and my friend said it isn't normal to sort them out. Whatever. It probably means I'm a genius or something. 
I managed to get all of the kids' scrapbooks done/updated with last school year's stuff. It was kind of sad because I had more room in Olivia's middle school one because I assumed she would have had more field trips, our DC/NYC trip, etc, but nope. The year was just it. So after that I sorted out some paper packs I had gotten for Christmas and my birthday from people and if you know me at all you know I LOVE Doodlebug Designs, so anytime I come across their things I get happy. This pack ended up being amazing and I've got ideas already. 
Then, I found this cute box and had no idea what was in it, turns out, just a bunch of things I've saved over the years. Matt said these cartoons were from calendars he would get me for my desk when I worked, these must have been favorites or something. 
I found the slip of paper Matt wrote his contact information down on before we started dating. I don't know why but I remember this and I had gotten sad because I thought it had gotten lost or tossed out by mistake but nope, I had it safe all along. 

I had a good time going through the box and just know that if you sent me something inspirational over the years that made me cry, its probably in this box. I really love finding things like this because its like a glimpse into who I used to be. Its a little sad too, because I want that life back but I know I have to just keep moving forward. 

With that, Lucy turns 4 on Saturday. I'm having an emotionally.... volatile week. Its just how it is this week every year, apparently. I'm sad. I feel like I have to run for no reason. I feel like I'm having phantom labor pains, that's as fun as it sounds. It's a strange experience. But today? Today is a real treat. 


I am eating a bunch of radioactive scrambled eggs this morning as part of a gastric emptying study to see if I have gastroparesis. Because why wouldn't I? It's rare and basically a "that's sucks, good luck" kind of thing. (Not totally true, there are some things to manage it but I'll get a new lifestyle and I can hardly contain my enthusiasm.)

I'll post an update when I can. Maybe even a picture of my eggs for memories. 


Why Girls Are Weird said...

I can't believe Lucy is going to be 4, it seems like just yesterday... I think you have every right to be struggling with this. Give yourself grace.

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Oh dear, the eggs sound awful. I really hope everything goes well and they figure out what's wrong! Though a new lifestyle just sounds so fun. LOL

Aw, I love that you found the box of old memories. That's awesome you still had it.

Backpacks and all that really are expensive. It's crazy! I had the same one for long periods of time. I didn't really care to get a new one and I took good care of mine.