Monday, December 14, 2020

Sara's Christmas Wish List 2020

I do it every year, but this year I'm late with it because you know.. life. Life has been busy and I'm so behind in every aspect of my life. Plus, we just adopted two kittens and I've basically spent all of my time petting kittens so frankly, that alone is a valid excuse. 

But let's talk Christmas because it is almost here and I feel like I should share what I'm hoping for. 

Well, I say that but historically, I almost never get the things on my list, or if I do it is one of them. My expectations are incredibly low. 

1. Stylus Pen for my iPad. I am now an old person and typing on my iPad is hard and cumbersome. I am basically a senior citizen who needs to peck at the things. 

2. Leg Massager. You're going to laugh, but the best part about being hospitalized is the leg massager. Some people go for pain medications, I just want the leg squeezing massager do-da. I'm a simple woman, really. 

3. Art work. We have a  huge blank space above the TV and I feel like it really needs something but I don't really want pictures of the kids, you know? So look at me getting bougie wanting a painting. 

4. Row, row your pretend boat. I was once a huge fan of the show House of Cards and Frank would get on his little rowing machine when he was stressed out. I'd also like to get on my rowing machine. It just looks like it would be soothing. It might 100% be awful but I'd like to try. 

5. Eyebrow thing. Listen, I'm poor and I can't afford to get my eyebrows waxed. But I also have one hair on my chin that keeps coming back and I just need something I can do at home that doesn't involve wax.

6. Books! You know I'm not trying to make a list without books: 

Of course I have a ton more, but you know... let's try to keep it to a minimum. 

7. Solutions and Other Problems. Yes, this is another book BUT! It's relatively new and I want it so badly. Allie Brosh is a blogger I used to follow religiously and I have her first book and I read it a lot when I'm feeling kind of low on life because she deals with depression quite a bit and she just gets it but in a funny, relatable way. Anyways, I just want the book, it looks amazing. 
8. A clean windshield. I thought of this tool way back in 1999 and everyone said it was a stupid idea. Turns out it wasn't and I could be a millionaire. Either way, I still can't reach the glass of my windshield and I need a fancy stick. 

9. A coloring book. Don't judge me. 

10. Desk organizer. Seriously, the current situation is NOT working at all. 

What are YOU hoping to get from Santa this year? Do you give your family a wish list? Matt and I have one on Amazon that we add to during the year and we basically use that as the wish list but often buy things locally instead of Amazon. Except this year I am relying on Amazon more than normal and I'm getting nervous about most of it, so yay. 

I have about 90% of my shopping done, I'm waiting on a third of it to still get here and then we have two that we have to go shop for because I'm not real sure what I'm looking for. Wish me luck on those adventures!

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