Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Driving in her little blue car..

Over the weekend on Facebook I mentioned that Olivia (wait for it) bought her first car. I know, I'm in real denial that this girl is growing up. I really struggled with her turning 15 because it felt like her getting a job was this huge milestone but no. She's turning SIXTEEN soon and is going to learn to drive. Soon. I'm not at all ready.  

The deal with her job was that we would match what she could save in order to buy her first car. As her parents, I realize that we could just buy her one, we could absolutely do that and that would be really cool of us. I remember being 17 when I got my first car (1988 Ford Taurus, light blue, it was a TANK), and I didn't get to pick it out. My dad came home, handed me the keys, also handed me the payment booklet, and told me to never be late on a payment, or else

That was how my first car was handled. 

While that kind of sucked because some of my friends were being given cars by their parents, I'm making my payment every month, while paying a LOT of money for repairs because it was basically a junker, and my gas, and I vowed then that my kid would have to do it too. 

And here we are. 

We found a 2012 Ford Focus with low miles on it, a few dings/scratches, but runs really great. It was also at a really reasonable price point and things were signed. 
Matt and I picked it up this weekend and though she can't drive it just yet, she's getting close. She's almost done with her classroom hours, then she'll take her test to get her permit, and then we start behind the wheel in this. It'll be a LOT easier to learn in this than my SUV or Matt's giant truck. 
She's isn't totally broke, she kept some money in the bank, which was responsible of her. I think she's learning that it is hard work to get anything you want. She worked her butt off all summer while her friends were out having fun without her, she missed pool days, and most of the summer sunshine while sweating in a machine shop, but she's also the first with a car. That she bought. That's pretty badass and she should be proud of herself. 
It will forever be weird to see my kid in the driver's seat of a car. I told Matt as weird as this feels, the first day she drives away without us will feel even stranger. I legit don't know if I'm ready for that. 

She is, though. I don't know that Olivia realizes how great of a kid she is. She's working so hard and juggling all of the things, and she is just excelling at everything. I know it won't always be easy for her, but we've got to celebrate the successes when they come. 


Why Girls Are Weird said...

How on earth is she old enough to drive!?!?! I can't handle it Sara.

Shooting Stars Mag said...

She just looks TOO YOUNG! That's amazing she saved up and was able to get her own car. I'm sure she'll be loving it once she gets her official license. But seriously though --- she's too young!! hah