Monday, April 19, 2021

First half of April Catch Up

I can't even believe we're in the second half of April this week- it feels like it was just Easter/Jackson's birthday. April, as a whole, has been a crazy busy month, so let's talk about the first half.  

Thursday and Fridays are really nice because I'm all alone at home and I really don't hate it. Wednesdays are the worst/hardest because everyone is here and inevitably, the kids are really loud, crabby, and fighting so I hate Wednesdays. Mondays and Tuesdays really aren't bad because you hardly see Jackson, Olivia has work and then school, Penelope is at school all day, so really, I only have Lucy to contend with. I'd say 90% of the time she's content to do her own thing and it is easy to forget she's even here. She's happy to entertain herself and only really pops up when she wants to eat, so that's not so bad. 
I got my first Covid vaccine, the second one is on the same day I do a sleep deprivation EEG, so that'll be a banger of a day. I knew going in that I would likely get sick because everything makes me sick and my immune system is garbage but WHOA. I got sick within four hours and was out for a week straight, had two decent days, and then I've been sick ever since. Not sick sick, but enough where I feel like I'm in the beginning stages of the flu. It's awful and I'm a little worried how shot number two is going to go. I'm hoping because I got sick with the first one, it won't be so bad with the second. 
It is starting to get slightly warmer here so we decided to put the trampoline back up for the season. The kids were pretty damn excited about that. 
We have gone on some bike rides, too. Penelope is getting a newer/bigger bike for her birthday at the end of the month so she looks like a giant on a mini-bike and she says her knees hit the handle bars, so she's not a fan right now. We're trying to convince her to try taking the training wheels off and she's NOT excited. 
Which is weird because she's normally not afraid to do things. In fact, she's showed us exactly how she broke her arm this fall, which pole it was, and then proceeded to climb backwards on top of other structures. So, that's fun. 
We also had Easter, but that feels like forever ago. 
We ended up getting the little kids bubble wands, candy, Hatchimals, and these little Plus Plus blocks they are obsessed with. 
The big kids got a Funko Pops (Olivia got Yzma (her favorite) and Jackson got someone from Parks & Recreations), candy, and some other random things. 
Thankfully it was a super gorgeous day because the big kids hid eggs around the yard for Penelope and Lucy. We went out to my in-law's for dinner/Easter/Jackson's birthday all rolled into one and that was fun. It was even nicer out there and it was pretty great to walk around outside in early April with no jacket on. 
Jackson also turned 13. Our big gift to him was an Apple Pencil and some game for his Nintendo Switch, both of which he really loved. He's getting into drawing on his iPad and apparently the pencil do-da helps. I have no idea because I'm tech dumb as I age. 

Overall, April has been pretty busy so far. We have a lot of things on the calendar for this last half and honestly, if I get sick after the second Covid shot, that's really going to screw things up. I literally have no time to be sick. You know what I'm really sucking at? Reading. I am like 7, maybe even 8 books behind on my Goodreads challenge. I'm trying to not let that overwhelm me but UGH. I need to get cracking, for real. 

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