Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Life Update: Shots, Birds, Rocks, and Summer

I haven't done a life update in such a long time, so I thought this week I would for sure give you one. I'm going to slow down on posting too many photos because Olivia and Jackson now hate it, but also, I'm so lazy. I mean, I'm just being honest. I am so exhausted and sorting photos for this takes a lot of work and I have to prioritize.  

Let's talk life though. 

Olivia and Jackson are fully vaccinated and we're all pretty excited. We're all still wearing our masks because we're cautious and I don't want to fully rely on a vaccine. That, and I don't want us to pass any germs we might have onto anyone else inadvertently. We are all excited for the upcoming school year and we're hopeful it'll be more "normal". 
We have baby robins in our play house. The little girls are super excited about it. This was taken awhile ago, the birds are now hatched and kind of big, but also incredibly noisy. Matt thinks they are getting ready to leave, so I'm REALLY hoping they all make it out because if there ends up being a dead bird in my yard all hell will break loose. I don't need that kind of mayhem. 
We have been spending most days outside. Fortunately we've had really great weather, even the hot days are totally manageable for me and for that, I am grateful. 
We bought a larger pool so the kids are loving that. I am going to sign Penelope and Lucy up for swim lessons, hopefully in August. Penelope tried soccer last month and let's just say it wasn't her thing. 
Lucy is signed up for a dance tumbling class for about a month and then two camps that are one day long. She's loving it, but we're noticing that she's kind of a target for mean kids. For whatever reason, kids who are rough, or a general pain in the ass, go after Lucy and she literally just takes it. I mean, kids have hit her, stomped on her feet, just poke her continuously, etc. and she just takes it because she thinks SHE will get into trouble if she tells a teacher. Sigh. She's such a sweet little girl, I can't imagine why other kids want to be mean to her. 
Our Fourth of July was really great. It's actually one of my favorite holidays, I think because we get to have dedicated family time and it feels different. We watched the parade in the morning, Olivia was playing flute in her high school band, we had a great BBQ lunch with Matt's family, then we went to a local lawn party with music to watch fireworks. We actually had never been to this one so it was a nice little change and we might stick with that for next year. 

Other than that, we have a ton of medical things going on (more on that later), I'm trying to organize supplies and clothes for the upcoming school year, I'm trying so hard to keep up on housework and stuff but I'm struggling. I'm so tired all of the time and now I'm dizzy all the time, nauseous a lot of the time so it's just so much harder than it really should be. Matt and I are working on planning a little family road trip for us in August, at this point I'm not sure if it is even going to happen, but I'm optimistic. 


Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Being an optimist is a good thing, a road trip can be fun if slightly stressful

Shooting Stars Mag said...

That's great Olivia and Jackson are now vaccinated! Poor Penelope and her lack of love for soccer. LOL At least she tried! And all those mean kids need to back off Lucy!! It's probably because she IS so sweet. Kids just kind of sense that and pick on people like that, and it's messed up.

I'm glad you had a nice Fourth of July and the weather has been treating you well. Sorry to hear you've been so dizzy lately. Ugh, you can't catch a break, girl. I hate it. I do have the other part of your very late birthday gift to hopefully get in the mail this week and I hope it will be a nice pick me up.


Why Girls Are Weird said...

I am so happy Olivia and Jackson are vaccinated! I worry because my nephew is too young to get the vaccine, so I'm being cautious because I want to protect him. I'm still so sad over how selfish people have been. It really makes me think about whether or not I want to stay in this country.