Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Cozy Pillow

How cute is this? This is Olivia at my mom's house with her "cozy pillow". The pillow is my mom's cat Blue who totally adores Olivia. He follows her everywhere and at nap time Olivia likes to sleep with him even though he takes over her bed and leaves her with little room. The cat is HUGE, and he weighs almost as much as Olivia does. In order to pick him up, you really do have to lift with your knees and use both arms because he's just so big. But Olivia calls him chubby and he doesn't seem to mind. We got Blue when I was 15, and I'm 26 now- so he's 11 years old, can you believe that? He's not as frisky as he once was, but he is still a love bug, and just loves Olivia. He's still suspicious about Jack and Jack's eyes get really big when he sees Blue. :) I'm sure Blue will be as protective of him as he is with Olivia.

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