Friday, June 27, 2008

Vintage... ME!

So I am going through my computer organizing photos and came across some photos that I copied of me a little tyke. According to my mom, Olivia has my exact personality when I was little, plus she has my big eyes, my mouth and my nose- so sometimes for her it's like deja vu since she watches my kids while I'm working. AND, Jack is a definite combination of me and my brother.. check it out:
Here is me and my mom- I'm two years old here. And to boot- I look a lot like my mom now. It's more obvious when we are standing next to each other, but in some pictures I have of us through the years we look like dopplegangers. :) I also notice that sometimes I have the same facial expressions as my mom does, which is cool. It'll be fun to see if Olivia inherits that as well!

This is at my brother's first birthday- so I'm like 3 here. I have LOTS of memories of this white chair. Living in Florida I remember the chair was always hot, and your legs and butt would stick to it. :) I also remember Travis and I sitting there together a lot sharing Cheerios- and they would always get stuck in the sides of the chair. Sorry Mom! :)

This is my brother, I think Jackson looks a lot like him. :)

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allena said...

Cool post! Isn't it crazy how there's truth to the whole "you can't deny that kid's yours!" thing? I don't see Olivia a lot, but by her pics, she does look a lot like you did. What gets me is how much you look like your mom did when she was younger! Crazy!