Thursday, June 26, 2008

What Crayon Are You?

Thanks to my email/blog buddy I took my color personality test today, too. And guess what? I'm "True Blue" just like her. WEIRD! :)

True blue: Nah---this isn't like boo-hoo blue. It's more like cool blue---the truly devoted friend. You're a quick learner---knowledge practically clings to your brain, and you're extra sharp when it comes to science and art. But. . . your loyalty sometimes gets you taken advantage of because you're so blindly faithful that you won't walk away from a friendship---even if you're the one doing all the work.

I think it's pretty accurate, even the science part, surprisingly. I have a knack for geology and that was one of my secret careers that I wanted. The other one was Astronomy- except I am horrible at math and that is a big requirement for Astronomy! :) But I'm great with rocks and stuff- but the job opportunities aren't really plentiful- so here I am, a Program Coordinator. :) LOL!!

What color are you??

Here's something funny, I'm apparently a "babe" too. :) There are some funny tests on the left side of the screen besides the color one. Have fun. :) LOL.

Are You A Babe?
You are a Babe! You are very appealing to a man and have great inner beauty and strength as well as physical attractiveness. You take pride in your appearance and like a man who appreciates it! You like being accepted as a person rather than a sex symbol and you like a man who is intelligent as well as good looking.

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allena said...

Well I wonder if it's possible to get any other color, because I just took it, and guess what I got??? Yep, true blue. Hmmm.... maybe we are just all alike! : )