Wednesday, July 2, 2008

More fun pictures from "yester" year...

This is from our honeymoon to Madeira Beach, FL. I think this is the night before we left..

Here's one of my mom and I, obviously from my wedding.

Lisa- do you remember tying bubble bottles?! I really have to say Lisa is one of the greatest friends I have! Nobody else would help me tie 200 bottles of bubbles with two kinds of ribbon for my wedding. And to boot- we pretty much forgot to give them out at the wedding- so only a few people blew bubbles... after we left! Oh well- we'll always have the memory of sitting on my apartment floor bonding over blue & silver ribbon. :) LOL!


allena said...

Awww.... look at you on your wedding day! How pretty! You make me want to do a wedding blog! Maybe I'll wait for another anniversary or something so it won't look like I'm copying you. lol. Oh, and BTW, we did the bubble thing too... with the ribbon. Took forever, but we had fun, too! Good times.

Anonymous said...

AHHHH!!! Bubble bottles!!! what great memories we have though. Oh, did my rear-end hurt after that day!!